Has a “brother” ever screwed you?

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  • Sirona
    Well screwed over here means shagged. And no I havent ever been screwed by a brother or former brother. I am probably unique on this board in that respect



  • JWdaughter

    Hmmm. My dad who was a non witness was hired during some hard times(construction, '70's) to work for a MS in our congregation-as a favor to my mom? Maybe. Anyway, my dad worked for a few weeks, provided the materials and WAS NEVER PAID. My mom never complained to the elders or told anyone else. My dad (of course) was pissed off, and that is the only reason I knew about it. It particularly ranked as my mom had to go to the food bank (totally humiliating to my father who had a wonderful work ethic) and as we were eating RABBIT (ugh) the Brown family was on a 2 week trip to Hawaii. Dad would never work for a JW again-no matter how bad the economy was.

    Long time (3 generation family of)friends of the family had my uncle-a roofer- do work on their roof and it was a very bad job(he used to be very good, but has gotten shifty and sloppy). It cost her thousands to hire another to replace the whole mess. He refused to make it right. And he had been friends with her family since birth-they grew up on the same street His mom and her grandma were neighbors and we have camped, gone to weddings and everything together. Their family comes to our family reunions! His kids grew up with her. That was more taking advantage of family, but it was a JW doing it. OTOH, my mom would NEVER scam another person, JW or not. I wish she would have put her husband and really, her family, above her embarrassment in the congregation and discussed it with the elders. She never even gave Brown the cold shoulder, treated him as nice as pie. I am sure he did not have the grace to even feel abashed by kind treatment.

  • hambeak

    Not now! I manage an auto repair business and everything is in writing if they don't pay I take the car and sell it it is called a mechanics lien.

  • purplesofa
  • Dismembered
    Re: Has a “brother” ever screwed you?

    If there were any 'single' incident that became a cause for leaving that cult, this is the one. (Although there were many)

    As a small business owner, I hired an "elder" who was in need of a job who literally begged me for the job. This was a guy who I literally cried to when our teenage son decided to leave Watchtower. (For those of you that have read previous post of mine know that we [me & my family] were in it hook line and sinker)...

    Long story short, is that I trained this guy, sent him on his way to service a number of business accounts we have, and not long after he's out there. He attempted to start his own business with my accounts and my equipment and tools under his own name. These were accounts that we had for years, so it did not take long for him to get ratted out. The arrogant pissant was doing work and putting the money in his pocket with invoices he had printed up under his newly formed business name.

    Once I found out what he was up to, I fired him on the spot. He was deleted as an "elder". To which he still has not been reappointed to this day, although like a constipated pig he's trying his hardest to be "reappointed". This pig signed a 5 page non-compete agreement which was the reason a JC threw him out on his curly tail. He thought he was going to outsmart me, but ended up being dead wrong. This was an "elder" who used 50 dollar glamor words in his watchtower talks and got the oooohs and ahhhs when he was given the opportunity to pontificate. (You know the type who love to hear themselves talk).

    It has been my experience as a business owner, that some, not all dubs think their crap don't stink and that they can do anything they want because they sit their asses down and warm chairs at the KH. That they are entitled to special treatment. Let me tell you, the hog who stole from me, found out differently.


  • Frank75


    Too many to list. Luckily my father was screwed big time and so taught us to be cautious with "brothers". Although he is inactive and still pines away for the dub religion and defends it, he still hangs on to the file folder that has IOU's, NSF checks and loan agreements totaling well over $100k! (luckily for us not him)

    Even still I sold my share in a family business to my older brother who not only screwed me out of about $15k (monthly payments after the initial bulk payout) but also screwed me out of the last 3 months pay of about $15k

    Would have no problem suing him for it but he is a black hole when it comes to money and who has judgments against him for far more. ($2,000,000 from one of his partners in the deal)

    Recently he bought a house with my JW mother (parents are divorced). She put in $200k and he put in $0 but somehow convinced her to do a joint ownership 50/50. In amongst the papers to be signed on closing was a document giving him access to the equity. He then got a secured loan against the house for $180k, sucked it bone dry with nothing to show for it. She opened a bank statement to discover this in horror, confronted him, then moved out in protest.

    This got my younger brother on the phone with me that is how I know the details. No one in my family except my dad have talked to me for years since we left the JW's and this scam of big bro brought my younger brother and his wife out to me to see if I would help get my mother her money back. They have since left the religion due in part to contacting me and he was recently DF'd. My mother who won't talk to me or return my phone calls is now penniless. Big brother (LOL) has convinced her that he is looking out for her best interests and she has accepted that although she hasn't moved back. It is a good thing she gets a decent pension here in Canada. But that just barely covers living expenses. "Devouring the houses of the widows" was a hallmark of the Jews. Mark 12:40

    I have had witness employees who report time on the job like they report field service time! Very creatively! One employee reported 29 hours in one day. Literally within one day. When I asked him to give me the blow by blow of how his 29 hour day started and finished, he refused and threatened to report us to our one sided labor board here in Canada. I short paid him a nominal amount for the discrepancies and never heard back from him however his entire time sheet for that last pay period was a fantasy only possible in the mind of a JW.

    Another JW employee stole a company van and equipment after I told him to report for an employment review. (Yes he was being canned) He didn't show up so I called him about 20 times until he answered. He said in a whisper that he would not return it unless we gave him $1000 cash. No cash and he would drive it into a ravine and crash it. The police wouldn't get involved because he had a key. So I involved the elders in his hall. They circled the wagons because I was not going to meetings or attending any congregation. I got the van back for $300 by going through the boys father who was the only one who seemed to be upset that his son did this. It still cost me $300 which was about what we owed him in pay for recent work. He was announced as a MS 2 weeks after the fiasco that ensued with him and the elders.

    Another employee used his company credit card to fly his wife to Austria along with about $1300 spent there on meals and other things. Upon closer inspection he had defrauded our company of more than $70k and previous credit card statements revealed many personal and dubious purchases not reported by our bookkeeper (a relative of his). He said he would pay it back, quit and has avoided us ever since. My mistake was not going to the police.

    Dubs are just as dishonest as anyone. Arguably a lot worse. There are probably several reasons why which all pretty much point back at the religion. The most common and likely reason for the theft and dishonesty IMHO is that witnesses for the most part live for today and do not aspire to good paying jobs and careers. As a result, many find it difficult to live a normal life on the modest incomes they earn. Deep in dept, many have good intentions of repaying what they borrow/owe but it becomes diffiCULT if not impossible for them. Because Dubs aren't supposed to sue each other and the elders hate getting in the middle of financial battles (unless it's for other reasons) it is easier to stiff the JW.


  • Dismembered

    Dear Frank75,

    That's incredible!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! Thanks for posting that. (Those Dub Fockers) Man they suck!


  • just2sheep

    in all the cases mentioned i'm sure the bruthers repented, thus making repayment unnecessary. any demand for repayment after the thief has repented is obviously greed on the part of the victim, and will be treated as such by the boe. to continue to call the thief a thief could be construed as slander and will be treated as such by the jc which you will be called in front of to defend yourself recieve your instructions---just get over it.

    i wouldn't deal with an elder/brown nosing minesterial servent owned business if i were dying and they were the only business in town that could help me. liars, thieves, and hypocrites.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi noontide, and welcome to the board.

    I've never been personally screwed by a brother, but I know a few who have been less than satisfied with their work. The worst offender was one who did painting and decorating. He charged more than people outside the org did, and often left jobs unfinished for months, and on occasion never finished them at all.

    They seem to think it's ok to do that sort of thing to other jws.

  • DaCheech

    Here, one brother scammed another brother of Loan of $15k to help his granite business... the scammer was nominated to MS and then elder. During this time, the poor lender was never paid, when asking the $$$ he was denied.... when going to the elders the scammer elder denied any loan at all.

    the poor brother is now working to pay his family's mortgage with $15k plus interest in the minus direction

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