Has a “brother” ever screwed you?

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  • JH

    To clarify: Here a person on welfare gets about $550 a month from the Governement and can earn an additional $200 and not be penalized, so the elder knew that law, and gave the brothers $200 for their months work.

    If the brothers would have quit welfare, then they would never have accepted $2 an hour, because 100 hours of work per month at 2$ is less than welfare....and the elder would never have given them $12 an hour like he had back then. The elder just made money with those poor people, and he said to himself, even if you earned more from me, the welfare would have taken it away.

  • JH

    The Government finally found out about this, and that elder was in trouble.

    He was the main elder here, and not long after he moved.

    Never saw him again.

  • acadian
    I trusted someone from the congregation with a business deal and got raked over the coals.

    Been there, and got raked over the coals too. Left a career of nine yrs to start business with a brother in the hall, we went over details for two yrs before the venture. Moved out of the country and after 3-4 month he and his wife dicided they wanted to go home, leaving me high and dry. The sad part is they never came to me to tell me they were leaving, I found out from someone else just days before they left. Live and learn. Acadian

  • greendawn

    Not me but a young JW girl got screwed by a ministerial servant who sold her a car that had a serious defect and he obviously knew it, while another one got ripped off by his uncle over a property they bought together. And that SOB uncle was rich enough as it was, he is one of the most odious, mean and avaricious dubs I can recall.

  • thepackage

    A good friend of mine got screwed by his

  • Scully

    Yep. I might add, that this situation was a "test" - meaning that we were testing this person's integrity with the arrangement, and not fully trusting them to keep their word in the first place.

    The merchandise was a portable washing machine. We purchased it new, never had a problem with it, hadn't used it in some time since we had appliances in the home we were in at the time, had a service contract on it and transferred it to the Brother™, when we "sold" it to him for $100 (covered the cost of the service contract that we had extended). We tested the machine before we even offered it to him to make sure that it was working properly - and it was. The Brother™ (he is also my sibling) was short on cash at the time, and said he would pay us on his next pay. This was also the same sibling who we took in and gave a place to stay for six months when he first moved to this city. We didn't charge him room and board. We didn't ask for help with gas money or anything. He had friends over, I cooked for them and didn't ask for money to cover his entertaining.

    Next thing we know, my parents are reaming me out for trying to sell a "defective" washing machine to my brother. They were made aware (by me) that it was in perfect working order when we sold it to him, that there was a valid service contract on it if it wasn't working now, and that my brother could simply call and have it fixed. My parents insisted that because it was "defective" (it wasn't) that we should not expect to be paid, at which point I said, then I should expect to get the washing machine back and have the service contract transferred back to us. It never happened and we never got the $100 either. My brother (the Brother™) didn't even bother to follow the Biblical protocol in Matthew 18, to lay bare the fault between him and me alone.... he got our folks involved and did a swell job of slandering me and Mr. Scully to them.

    In all honesty, it was worth $100 to find out that my brother (the Brother™) is an ungrateful user.

  • candidlynuts

    my "hours" were never high enough to be good enough to be hired by the local elders cleaning service (roll eyes)

    and sister "lies like a dog but gets good hours" was hired.

    few months later, elder gets to go to train to be a part time/ sub circuit overseer..

    leaves sister L in charge...

    he comes back a few weeks later... she's started her OWN cleaning business, stolen most of his customers and had been using his equipment to start her business up.. big fuss at the time..i sat back and giggled at all of them.. no one was df'd or reproved that i know of..they all still had good " hours" .

    the time sheet is everything people!!!

  • crankytoe

    Really wish I could say more, but yeah, just a few weeks ago jw relatives screwed me out of money.

    I won't be getting the money back, so I've been plotting my vengeance. I am now ready to act, just working up the courage,

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    yeah the "brother" I married did,

    but not very much, and never very well.

  • bronzefist

    I worked for three different “brothers” and was “screwed” over by each of them.

    First was an elder that was going out of business and bounced two paychecks of all the brothers that worked for him. He said it was the banks fault. After ENORMOUS pressure from the cheated brothers the BOE of his congregation deleted him. The crooked brother NEVER admitted he had done anything wrong.

    Next two “brothers” were partners. I worked different jobs for each of them. One cheated me by not paying taxes on my wages which he claimed he was doing. I quit working for him. Went to the elders, but they told me they couldn’t get involved…”Business is business.” Is what they told me.

    Brother one also worked for brother two. He would follow me around on my route and try to get the “worldly” people to complain about the work I did. Some would even call “brother” two and complain about “brother” one’s tactics trying to defend me. Damn “worldly” people. Lol

    When I talked to “brother” two he said that he needed “brother” one more than me. After nine months I got let go because I was causing divisions within the company. Actually I was trying to get other “brothers” to stand up for the situation they all knew was wrong. None of them stood up for me in fear of losing their jobs. The only one that did was the one “worldly” woman that worked for the company.

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