JW wants to have a Bible study with me!

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  • earthtone

    Call him! Call him! This would be so interesting!

    Tell me what you learn?

  • jaguarbass

    What should Moshe do- Call him or not call ? He gave me their current Bible study book-"What does the Bible really teach?

    I dont know where your coming from Moshe. I havent been around here long enough to know your back ground. You dont give any info on your bio and I havent read all your previous post. I know you have posted over 500 times. That doesnt tell me if you were ever a JW or not. I see some people have a lot of post here who never were jw's. For some people talking to JW would be a form of entertainment some where between watching television and playing with rattlesnakes. If you have the experience to play with the rattle snakes I say cant you find any thing better to do. But then again I know sometimes life is not that exciting. Look at me I spend a lot of time on this computer. If you dont have the experience, if you have not drank from that well before, I say if you hang around a barber shop long enough your probably going to get a hair cut.

    keep us posted on your adventures.

  • Genesis

    Those [email protected] JWs havent visited me yet once in 9 months ! But the sad thing is that they wont give me a free bible study cause im the Apostate King for them. Wait a minute, maybe its a great thing after all ! :-P

    Moshe, I say, call them and continue to ask difficult questions !

  • moshe

    I'm leaning on calling. The back of the study book has a section about chronology-The pivotal WT 607 BCE destruction date. I think maybe, that is what I will question him about- Why do historians prefer a later date of 587 BCE? I told him I was going on a long camping trip. So I will give him the job of researching this for me and we will talk about it when I get back.


    When has any Jehovah`s Witness ever had a Bible Study??..Never!!..Jehovah`s Witness`s study books about the Bible,written by the WBTS.They then use the bible as a foot note to back up what the WBTS says about the Bible..There is no Bible Study..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • moshe

    last pair that wanted to "study" with me didn't make it through the first study, and I was being nice to them.

    That's been my problem too, Gary. Sometimes I feel like Judge Judy on afternoon TV. I see these guys lying through their teeth and when they are caught , they still deny it. It's hard to be nice to a liar. I remember how a newbie at the KH could get away with some outrageous questions during the WT study- maybe twice, they could embarass the study conductor. Questions like - "why have the anointed remnant numbers stayed almost constant for 30 years? What does that mean? Have they all fallen away to become apostates? heh heh


    Ask him who the "Great and Happy Potentate" is. hehe

  • Geronimo

    I say have some fun making them look stupid, and possibly plant some seeds of doubt. If you do it just to have fun, why not? It's got to be more fun than 99% of TV shows. G

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    If your going to do it, you must have a goal in mind. Which should be to show them the real 'truth' about their organization. All the time using love and kindness in your discussion.
    I have been talking to a hardcore Jw for some time now and have figured out something very important on how to 'witness' to them.
    You have to learn how to NOT use the Bible. Let me explain.
    Every time you make a point with a JW they will forget it seconds later. The entire discussion becomes a back and forth battle of scriptural texts. Depending upon how much the JW if familiar with Watchtower interpretation, the discussion could go on forever with him stating his point, and you stating yours.
    I have talked to this specific Elder about 3 times allready and realize that there is nothing you can do about the Bible, before you take care of something else. The Watchtower Organization itself.
    When someone is a JW it is like they are wearing their own personal pair of Watchtower Sunglasses™. They see the Bible and the world around them only as the Watchtower has revealed it. In order to make any progress at all, you have to help the person break through that way of thinking. How is this done? By showing him that the Watchtower has lied by using their own publications.
    I learned of this method by listening this mp3 file:
    A Problem of Communication
    After a person is starting to see that the Watchtower might not be as true as they think it is, I feel (from talking to this JW Elder) that actually the most important teaching you can take apart is their 144,000. If all Christians are the same with no class system, then there is no anoined, no 'faithful slave' as they see it, no physical Organization of God, and no prophecy that fortold them. This seems to be the teaching at the core of what the Elder I have been talking to almost allways turns everything to.
    Good Luck if you decide to try the study!

  • garybuss

    My experience has been consistent. If I ask a question the Witness doesn't like they tend to take the question to an elder and the elder tells them not to waste any more time on me. They miss the next appointment, they don't call, and they never come back.
    When I first walked away in 1974, I never had any calls from elders for 9 years. Those elders asked if I had any questions and I gave them 10. They never called back and they never answered one of my questions. That was 23 years ago.
    I got all 10 answered just by reading Crisis Of Conscience.
    One problem I had was was the anonymous writing of abstract ideas in the literature that I was supposed to support without question. Another problem I had was the "say nothing" style of writing. If the Society wanted to make a point, they quoted some obscure secular source. That had the effect of making everything deniable. All they had to do was say "We never said that, we just quoted Dr. Madeuplastweek." To me that was dishonest and unethical journalism. It certainly didn't meet my minimum standards.
    Another feature I quickly learned to dislike was the idea that if I had a question, then I had problem, and I WAS a problem. It was impossible to ask a question without the asking being turned into an inquisition.
    If they don't like the question, there's really only three things they can do. They can question my motives for asking the question, they can question my sources, and they can attack me personally. So in a discussion with a Jehovah's Witness, those are the three things to always be prepared for.
    It's easy to flip the motives tactic, it's easy to flip the sources tactic, but when they attack me, I end the meeting right then.

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