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    You said:

    “i was also having dreams and premonitions about things that coming true, and i was kinda knowing what people were gonna say before they said it!”

    Could this have been Jehovah’s holy spirit letting you know that Jehovah was communicating with you personally? The reason I ask is that some of us from my former congregation of JW’s have had similar experiences as a part of “hearing” Jehovah, as we call it. (Five of us were thrown out for talking about our experiences with this.)

    The Bible is full of examples of holy spirit telling people what was going to happen. The idea that in modern times only the demons do this is an unscriptural teaching of the Society.

    Of course it’s important to do as 1 John 4:l says and “test the inspired expressions to see whether they originate with God.” But once we’ve done that, why should we doubt that the source is holy spirit?

    I hope you’ll pray earnestly to our heavenly Father about this and ask him to let you know for sure if he really is talking to you. You might have to ask repeatedly, of course. But then listen with your whole heart and mind for his answers.

    I think Jehovah is telling me that, as Loli suggested, He really did lead you away from the Organization of JW’s because he wants you to be able to listen to Him without being told it’s a demon.

    He is scattering his sheep for now, taking care of us in our scattered state, and later he’ll bring us together again.

    Please let me know how this turns out. I love to hear the experiences of other “hearers” of Jehovah.


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    I thought I felt Jehovah's Holy Spirit one time, but it just turned out to be too much fruit.

    Hey, BTW, a voice (Jeehoobie?) told me that this thread is going to get weird(er).

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    hi scatterdsheep!

    i totally agree with what you have said!for the first time in 10 years i prayed to god to help me and find the way!i have the sisters from the org that come weekly but its rare now that we talk about the org!but they just don't seam to give me 100% answers to my question's. The day after i prayed i thought i would look on the net for some answers so i typed Google jw's and this site came up!i cant believe what i have found out!this week as been horrific for me! but let me tell for the first time in my life i don't feel guilty for bad or fear!its wonderful i know now that i can serve Jehovah in my own way!

    darling i one had this major experience but i feel to stupid to write it in this forum! i can mail you it if you wish! xx Shaun

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    darling i one had this major experience but i feel to stupid to write it in this forum

    come come, don't be shy now! Spit it out!

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    Loli said: When a person cannot reconcile the injustices that take place in a congregation that come from a place other thatn love, I feel that that is a nudging of holy spirit.

    I agree with you Loli, I felt I was moved by Holy Spirit to question the legal aspects of being a JW after my son died because of the blood issues. I felt totally comfortable researching the organization and never felt the slightest bit of being in the wrong questioning their rules. I always felt God as I understood him was on my side. I found it a great strength of power because I realized the Elders had no power over me when I left. Now that is real Spirit when a person can stand up for what is morally right and know what ever God he believes in is backing him or her.


  • OnTheWayOut

    I think it is probably the Emperor's New Clothes effect - nobody wants to admit that they don't feel anything. I knew the right things to say (Pioneering has brought me closer to Jah!) so I said them. People hear what they are expecting to hear. Everyone's happy.

    I have to agree. People assume beacause they are pioneering or studying hard and preaching, reading the Bible regularly, then they ought to feel Jehovah's guidance in their lives. It's not just the anointed who are taught that. Many think they feel God's spirit because they are so busy in the organization that "Satan isn't getting to them." If someone doesn't feel the spirit, they feel guilty about some personal lack of faith and keep quiet or say they DO feel it. They don't want counsel on their lack of faith. But only the severely depressed seem to be able to admit that they do what Jehovah (really the GB) asks of them, and they don't feel anything. It may be that the medicated ones have been taught to face the real truth of their feelings, and the rest of the rank and file are still trying to live in denial. Of course, I don't say any of us are severely depressed, we are just finally able to admit that JW's preaching and meetings don't provide Holy Spirit.

    I accepted responsibility in the cong. to get the Holy Spirit's influence. I studied better to get it. I pioneered to get it. I joined a foreign language congregation to get it. Never got it, but was afraid to admit it, until recently. I am in a mess in my cong. right now because I resigned as an elder in August, admitting I have doubts and don't feel God's Spirit in my life. The C.O. and D.O want to talk to me. The average JW would not want all that hassle (same as me) and keeps his mouth shut. Even I know that I won't be saying much to these men. Pardon me, you all, for my rambling.

  • acadian

    Welcome to the board Loli

    You do not give yourself enough credit, my dear. Think about it, something guided you to question the teachings, right? I think you did in fact feel the holy spirit. When you measured the goings-on of the organization by the actual fruits of the holy spirit (LOVE, joy, peace, long-suffering, KINDNESS, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control) you no doubt realized that WTS was out of harmony with the spirit. When a person cannot reconcile the injustices that take place in a congregation that come from a place other thatn love, I feel that that is a nudging of holy spirit.

    That's how I would discribe it. Acadian

  • OnTheWayOut

    Also, as far as knowing the scriptures so well before and now it's not so- it's a matter of usage. I was in the military 20 yrs ago and talked the jargon of that group of people, but immediately started forgetting it when I was discharged. Same with any profession /way of life.

    You probably knew the NWT fairly well, and were great at picking out the "proof" scriptures, and now you cannot do that. That is normal. Right now, I can tear apart "proof" scriptures in my mind, because I have been preparing for discussing them with the elders, but this will go away from my mind later.

    Fill your mind with important things in your life, don't worry about unimportant things.

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    Daydream1900, I sent you a PM (Personal Message). Just click on your Inbox at the top of the page under your Alias. I suppose there's a Reply button at the end of the message. (I'm a Newbie, too.) (I don't blame you at all for not wanting ridiculers to read your experiences.) Scatteredsheep

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