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  • daydream1900

    hello darlings.

    well one thing that i don't feel stupid for is the statement- owww did you feel jehovah's holy spirit!

    i don't know about you but i have never felt Jehovah's spirit while i was in the org,

    at times i used to get so down about this, i used to feel that i was not doing enough or maybe doing

    something wrong? my mother used to say after the book study at our home,oww can you feel the spirit??

    no mother i cant! its just body heat!

    when i was a regular pioneer i walked up and down countless streets feeling so alone and lost!

    this alone was driving me away! also trying to fight gay feelings was another countless task!

    i was also having dreams and premonitions about things that coming true, and i was kinda knowing what people were gonna say before they said it! i spoke to the elders about this and they said that i must be some were getting involved with spiritism! i wasn't!!when leaving the truth i did visit the the spiritualist church(very naugty!)

    they said i had the gift!but my conscience told me to get out! so i did!! now i don't have these feelings as bad now!

    also what doesnt make sense to is that i used to know the scriptures so well, i see many of you posting scripture quotes and i cant because i don't remember them! this happend just weeks after leaving the org!

    i think it must be some kind of mental block i have developed! but i have had to start all over again!

    i am now really coming to terms that this is not the truth! but have doubt and questions still ponder, obvisouly

  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    Hello daydream,

    I know what you mean about the spirit! I now know why I didn't feel it, we were not annointed and to apply the bible (NT) to us was inconsistent and wrong. I now read it and see there wasn't two classes of christians only one, all acceptable to God. I dont actually believe in the bible these days but i'm still happy to look at it to gain understanding of my past. I'd recommend you read the NT through in a month or so and see what it really says, its amazing! I also found it enjoyable - not like study with the witnesses.

    CS 101

  • greendawn

    According to the JW (totally erroneous) concept the non anointed do not have the Holy Spirit so maybe that's why you felt blocked from having it. It will take some time to clear your mind of all JW instilled ideas the key is to read plenty and discuss things on forums. But at least you got it that the dubs are way wrong.

  • lowden

    Anyone can feel god's spirit!! It's not some supernatural force.....of course ( it's just a feeling inside, maybe just energy flowing the way it ought to.

    To illustrate. I've just started looking into meditation. One of the things about meditation is that it allows the natural energy to flow through our bodies, facilitating many things. Soooo.... i had a do, a real serious go at was AWESOME!!

    For 15 mins i sat there and did the gig and when i got up, i swear i have never felt as calm and at peace in my life. I also could not stop smiling. That could eeeeeasily be construed as gods speeerit (Dan Sydliks accent) but all it was was the positive effects of energy flowing through my body...i believe.

    I don't care for the gods spirit myth anymore ta very much.



  • moshe

    Welcome daydream1900-- I'll bet lots of JW's have these doubts,too about the Holy Spirit. Personally, I'm still waiting to see a prayer answered that I can give credit to God for.

  • shera

    I don't remember much ither, and that really isn't such a bad thing.

  • Legolas
    also what doesnt make sense to is that i used to know the scriptures so well, i see many of you posting scripture quotes and i cant because i don't remember them! this happend just weeks after leaving the org!

    You might not know it....but that is a blessing in disguise!

  • Fe2O3Girl

    Hi Daydream!

    I never felt any thing either. I think it is probably the Emperor's New Clothes effect - nobody wants to admit that they don't feel anything. I knew the right things to say (Pioneering has brought me closer to Jah!) so I said them. People hear what they are expecting to hear. Everyone's happy.

    As regards to the scriptures - I don't think I ever really knew the Bible well anyway. As JWs, we picked out odd verses and parts of verses that fitted with the beliefs. Without a concordance or an outline, I was always hopeless at finding anything in the Bible.

    I have enjoyed seeing your posts over the past few days.


  • Crumpet

    Daydream - when you quote your mother saying "owww can you feel the spirit" - I imagine you speaking a bit like Russel Brand! LOL!

    I actually imagined I did feel the holy spirit but since I left I can imagine and feel holy dildo's just as realistically - so I know its just down to imagination!

  • loli

    You do not give yourself enough credit, my dear. Think about it, something guided you to question the teachings, right? I think you did in fact feel the holy spirit. When you measured the goings-on of the organization by the actual fruits of the holy spirit (LOVE, joy, peace, long-suffering, KINDNESS, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control) you no doubt realized that WTS was out of harmony with the spirit. When a person cannot reconcile the injustices that take place in a congregation that come from a place other thatn love, I feel that that is a nudging of holy spirit.

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