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  • delilah

    just around the corner...

    I well remember this phrase. Every other sentence had this in it. Bunch of geeks!!!

    The past few years, it's been," We are deep into the end of this system of things".... They are catch phrases, to lure the unsuspecting ones...

    .................cough, gag...............

  • Blueblades

    Mary, I don't have the mag. But some years ago about five years or so the Watchtower study said that the big "A" came spiritually in connection with the 144,000. I know it slipped by everyone including the Watchtower conducter. Maybe someone can dig it up.


  • crazyblondeb

    "Just around the corner made me think of Nascar. They keep going and going and going, around the corner--left. MAYBE, they need to turn right!! LOL

  • blondie

    The WTS makes it so easy to hang them with their own words, Mary.

  • blondie

    Another word the WTS likes to use is "threshold."


    w01 2/1 p. 9 par. 4 Have You Made the Truth Your Own? ***

    If we neglect our Bible reading, our personal study, our prayers, and our Christian ministry and meetings, we may leave ourselves open to doubts raised by others. For example: "How do we know that this is the truth as Jesus taught it?" "Are these really the last days? After all, we are already in the 21st century." "Are we on the threshold of Armageddon, or is it a long way off?" If such doubts should arise, what can we do to remove them?


    w70 4/1 p. 208 par. 2 Building Disciples Having the Quality of Endurance ***

    Since mankind is entering a most crucial period of history, qualities for survival are most urgently needed. We are fifty-five years into the Biblically foretold "time of the end" for this system of things, and the world stands at the very threshold of a "great tribulation" culminating in Armageddon, "the war of the great day of God the Almighty." (Rev. 16:14, 16; 19:11-21) Endurance will be needed to survive this system of things and the war of Armageddon.


    w67 5/1 p. 261 Where Are We According to God’s Timetable? ***

    Ours is a most critical generation. Bible chronology and prophecies agree on this fact. We who live today stand at the threshold of Armageddon, God’s war in which the wicked will be wiped off the earth. This also means we stand at the threshold of the incomparable peaceful, righteous rule of Christ that is to follow. But how can we be sure? Because of prophecies and God’s unerring "timetable."—2 Tim. 3:1-5; Matt. 24:21; 2 Pet. 3:13.


    w67 5/1 p. 262 Where Are We According to God’s Timetable? ***

    These events emphasize the preciseness of God’s "timetable." They make us witnesses of fulfilled prophecies. They tell us what Satan the Devil already knows, namely, that we stand at the threshold of Armageddon, that his wicked rule is about to end, that ‘God’s kingdom come’ will soon be a reality for the earth.—Rev. 12:12.

    *** w62 5/15 p. 301 par. 20 The Faithful Creator ***

    This warning carries added weight, as we stand now at the threshold of Armageddon’s war.

    *** w61 3/15 p. 185 par. 17 Parents, Safeguard Your Child’s Life with Accurate Knowledge ***

    Standing now at the threshold of Jehovah’s new world, many youths may want to postpone marriage until after Armageddon, when selection of a wife will be made under righteous conditions and when marriage responsibilities will be carried out with none of the distractions that now plague mankind.

    *** w60 8/15 p. 508 par. 21 Watch Yourself, for You Are Being Watched! ***

    Never was there a time when it was more important than now for Jehovah’s people everywhere to watch their personal conduct. In the home, in the congregation, in the community, before ruled and rulers, inside and outside prison bars and iron curtains the Witnesses must put up a hard fight for the faith and conduct themselves according to Jehovah’s righteous principles of truth and justice. We are at the very threshold of Armageddon when Jehovah is about to destroy this satanic old world and everyone conducting himself according to its wicked standards.

    *** w56 4/1 p. 206 par. 38 Making All Mankind One Under Their Creator ***

    God’s Word says that man’s very efforts to bring about a unifying of the human race would be part of the evidences that we have reached the end of this old world, that we are at the verge of the battle of Armageddon which will destroy Satan’s world organization, and that we are at the threshold of God’s new world.

    *** kc chap. 17 p. 163 par. 3 The King Fights at Armageddon ***

    True, mankind stands at the threshold of great changes. But do we now face Armageddon? What is meant by Armageddon?

    *** w04 10/15 p. 17 par. 12 "Go About in the Land" ***

    Having traveled from Egypt to Mount Sinai and then 170 miles [270 km] to Kadesh, they were as if on the doorstep of the Promised Land. In our case, we are on the threshold of the promised earthly Paradise.

    *** w04 12/1 p. 8 Highlights From the Book of Joshua ***

    As we stand at the threshold of the promised new world, our position is comparable to that of the sons of Israel who were poised to take possession of the Promised Land.

    *** w03 10/15 p. 6 How Can You Make Wise Decisions? ***

    We are on the threshold of that new world. Will you enter to enjoy everlasting life on earth under God’s Kingdom? Or will you be removed from the earth when Satan’s system is eliminated?

    *** w01 9/15 p. 10 par. 3 Will Jehovah’s Blessing Overtake You? ***

    Because of Joshua’s fine attitude, he was among the few of his generation privileged to enter the Promised Land. Today, we stand on the threshold of a vastly superior Promised Land—a paradise earth in which blessings far richer than those of Joshua’s day await all who have God’s approval.

    *** w01 10/15 p. 19 par. 10 Acquire a Heart Agreeable to Jehovah ***

    However, Christians today stand at the threshold of a wonderful Promised Land—God’s righteous new world. (2 Peter 3:13) Startling events, such as the destruction of "Babylon the Great" and the attack by "Gog of the land of Magog" upon Jehovah’s people, are in the offing.

    *** w00 1/15 p. 7 God’s Prophetic Word Gives Hope for the Future ***

    Yes, we stand at the very threshold of the fulfillment of Jehovah’s decree against Satan and his entire wicked system.

    *** w00 4/1 p. 15 par. 13 Pay Attention to God’s Prophetic Word ***

    We know that we are on the threshold of the best of times because we are very deep into "the time of the end"!

    *** w97 7/15 p. 18 par. 17 Are You Pursuing Virtue? ***

    Shortly before the Israelites took possession of the Promised Land, thousands of them chose to pursue vice—and suffered disaster. (Numbers, chapter 25) Today, Jehovah’s people stand at the threshold of the righteous new world.

    *** w93 12/1 pp. 9-10 Natural Disasters—Is God Responsible? ***

    In the pages of this magazine, as well as in other publications of the Watch Tower Society, Jehovah’s Witnesses have repeatedly pointed out that God’s Kingdom was established in heaven in the year 1914. Under the direction of that Kingdom, a global witness has been given for nearly 80 years, and today we are at the threshold of a promised "new heavens and a new earth." Mankind will be freed not only from the ravages of natural disasters but also from all the pain and suffering that have been plaguing humanity for the last six thousand years. Of that time it can truly be said, "the former things have passed away."—2 Peter 3:13; Revelation 21:4.

    *** w92 4/1 p. 13 par. 18 Hailing God’s New World of Freedom ***

    Today the millions who worship Jehovah are also on the threshold of a promised land—the new world.

    *** w90 7/15 p. 6 Soon—A World Without Pain! ***

    The turbulent "sea" of wicked mankind will cease to exist. We therefore stand at the very threshold of a divinely blessed governmental "new heaven" over "a new earth," a righteous human society. In these "righteousness is to dwell."—Revelation 21:1; 2 Peter 3:13.

    *** w87 9/15 p. 12 par. 8 Breathing This World’s "Air" Is Death-Dealing! ***

    Here we are, deep into "the time of the end" and on the very threshold of the new world.

    *** w87 11/1 p. 28 Religion’s Tidal Wave—The Final Reckoning ***

    There is strong evidence that we are standing on the threshold of an ultimate wave of religious change. Will you survive it?

    *** w83 3/1 p. 8 Is There a Way out of Unhappiness? ***

    The difficult time all faithful Christians are now having is soon to end, for we are rapidly approaching a new, happy era. We are on the threshold of "a new heaven and a new earth."

    *** w83 3/1 p. 8 Is There a Way out of Unhappiness? ***

    The difficult time all faithful Christians are now having is soon to end, for we are rapidly approaching a new, happy era. We are on the threshold of "a new heaven and a new earth."

    *** w83 11/15 p. 12 "He Is Making Wars to Cease" ***

    Do you wish to share in seeing the end of all war? Then be assured that we stand at the threshold of the glorious time that David spoke of at Psalm 37:10, 11: "Just a little while longer, and the wicked one will be no more; . . . but the meek ones themselves will possess the earth, and they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace."

    *** w78 10/1 p. 14 par. 3 "Keep on the Watch" ***

    Today we stand on the threshold of another major event in the history of mankind—the "great tribulation," which will reach its climax in "the war of the great day of God the Almighty" at Har–Magedon

    *** w76 6/1 p. 344 par. 5 Look Forward with Confidence in God’s Righteousness and Justice ***

    We today are particularly favored, for we stand at the threshold of God’s new order in which obedient mankind will "be set free from enslavement to corruption." The fulfillment of Bible prophecy proves that since 1914 we have been in the "generation" that will see God wipe out wickedness on earth and establish a paradise earth wide. So Jehovah’s Witnesses are busily proclaiming the "good news of the kingdom," which will bring to humans loyal to Jehovah "the glorious freedom of the children of God."—Matt. 24:3-14, 21, 34.

    *** w75 1/15 pp. 36-37 A Crime-Free World—How Much Do You Really Want It? ***

    The Bible shows that we are at the very threshold of the time when God is going to pave the way for a crime-free world by sweeping away this entire system of human rule and replacing it with a righteous new order directed and administered by his own Son, the one who proved his unselfish love for mankind by giving his own life on their behalf.

    *** w74 9/1 p. 533 par. 30 Faithfulness—A Way of Life ***

    As we stand at the threshold of Har–Magedon and behold the incomparable blessings soon to follow, now is no time to be looking back with regrets.

    *** w73 8/1 p. 469 par. 21 Appreciating the Salvation of Our God ***

    Even when on earth nineteen hundred years ago, Jesus Christ performed literal miracles of those kinds. As King he will do such things again, in the restored literal earthly paradise. (Luke 23:43) What a joyful hope! And prophecy now being fulfilled shows that we stand on the very threshold of this time of exultation.

    *** w73 8/1 p. 477 Can You Wait upon Jehovah? ***

    In contrast to these faithful servants of old, we are on the very threshold of the new system that they ‘saw afar off.’

    *** w73 8/15 p. 495 par. 9 Are You Looking Intently Toward the Inheritance? ***

    All those who are Jehovah’s witnesses know that there is the wonderful inheritance, the reward, ahead, and all desire to enter into it. In fact, we do not have to look so far ahead—we are now on the threshold.

    *** w73 10/1 p. 596 par. 23 Loyalty in the Time of the End ***

    After having come to the very threshold of the new era, it would be tragic for a Christian to lose out because of entertaining wrong fleshly desires and becoming disloyal to the true God.

    *** w50 10/1 p. 355 par. 20 "Droop Not Your Hands" ***

    And now in this "time of the end", when we are at the threshold of the new world, he has gathered us to his organization in fulfillment of his promise: "

    *** w51 4/15 p. 240 par. 25 "Let Marriage Be Honorable Among All" ***

    We are now at the threshold of the righteous new world.

    *** w51 7/15 p. 425 What the Thousand-Year Reign Will Accomplish ***

    Bible prophecy shows that we are standing at the very threshold of that new world

    *** w53 2/1 p. 94 Choosing New World Life ***

    FULFILLMENT of Bible prophecy indicates that we are living at the threshold of God’s new world.

    *** w53 9/15 p. 570 par. 17 Posthaste "to the Mountains!" ***

    We are now on the threshold of a new world that will never perish or grow old,

    *** w54 4/1 p. 222 par. 21 The "Likeness of Melchizedek" ***

    We are at the threshold of this peaceful millennium.

    *** w54 8/15 p. 490 Bearing Fruit in Old Age ***

    And certainly, Jehovah’s servants, more than any others in the earth today, have much to look forward to, being right on the threshold of the new world.

  • Atlantis

    Beautiful listing Blondie! Thanks!


  • SirNose586
    To which they would say - "Well you know that with Jehovah a day is a thousand years, so an hour would be..."

    To which I should respond, "If that's so, then you've got 875 years to go before the last hour of the last day! Even then you don't get a break. It's last DAYS, plural."

  • delilah

    Oh yeah, "threshold"...................forgot about that one...thanx for reminding me, Blondie.

  • blondie

    don't forget "rapidly approaching"

  • Mary
    don't forget "rapidly approaching"

    I'd enter this phrase in the CD ROM, but between me and Blondie, this thread would probably surpase my Gumby's Special Service thread in postings.

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