Why do I feel so Guilty? Please offer me a kind word.

by xjwms 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • xjwms

    No candles or that sort of thing

    the gift is the lunch and the cake & coffee bar...the dance hall charges enough for that kind of set up

    but they bake it and its all fresh.

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Wow....if my wife should find out....I would remind her that she can't do anything like this for her mom anymore...gone for about four years now.

  • lovelylil

    do it guilt free because you are honoring your mother like the bible tells you to. A birthday is just a anniversary of your birth. Since JW's celebrate wedding anniversaries they should also celebrate birthdays.

    I got out of the org. about 3 years ago - 1 year after loosing both my parents to cancer. My two kids - their grandkids never got to attend any of their birthday parties and niether did I for the last 12 years they were alive. Boy, do I wish I could go back in time now. They should have been honored while alive - now it is too late. Peace be with you - have a good conscience and do enjoy the happy look you will see on your mothers face. Lilly

  • mouthy

    Now I feel as guilty as all hell......
    I think Guilt is the most distructive force there is... I bet you will make your Mums Day...If the wife finds out I would beg her to forgive your show of LOVE to the one who gave your birth... Tell her you apologise to Jehovah....Because HE forgives our weakness " I bet your weakness has made MUM stronger

  • blondie

    Guilty about what...showing your mom that you love her?

    How about celebrating my birthday soon?


  • Sailor Ripley
    Sailor Ripley

    Happy Birthday to Her! Happy Birthday to Her! Happy Birthday dear Your Mom! Happy Birthday to Her!

    You're a good son... that's what matters most.

  • xjwms


    Not so sure we could do your birthday

    I live way to far from ... Argentina........You would have to travel a long way.

    is cake worth it?

  • fullofdoubtnow
    Take the guilt away

    There's no need for any guilt in the first place. Why should anyone feel guilty about doing something nice for their mum?

    You are showing her you love her, and that's a lovely, kind thing to do. Don't feel guilty about it.

  • restrangled

    Absolutely enjoy the time you have with her and that you are able to do this!

    Do not let guilt destroy the day and the wonderful thing you are doing. My father died 6 months after my 44th Birthday and the thing I remember most was the wonderful Birthday Card he sent me and what he wrote to me. He was an elder for many years and eventually left, but realized the importance in acknowledging the wonderful people in his life. A birthday is really a celebration of the joy of having this person in your life and saying I'm glad you are here!

    My own mother, raised a DEVOUT witness from birth, always wished us happy birthday, and also always called her own brothers and sisters (all devout) to send birthday wishes. In fact they all did, and one was of the anointed.

    So you may enjoy the day guilt free.

    Send my best birthday wishes to your mom!


  • aquagirl

    really,i dont think think that you need to feel any guilt at all.i always thought that the "no birthday" thing was really really stupid.just another way to make this cult seem 'special'...

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Will you be having any baptists beheaded at this pagan soiree?

    If one or less, you can pass GO and collect your $200 guilt-free. I absolve thee.

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