JWs at my door - A new Twist

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  • Lilycurly

    Interesting. If we were living near each other, I would wonder if that was my dad at your door. He is the kinfd of super-JW you wish would knock at you door, if you're looking for a never-ending discussion about every theological point of christianity. I went out a lot with him back in the days, but I would've loved to have seen someone talk back to him like that.

  • carla

    Maybe the jw had a ubm or relatives who have left the 'truth' and have heard all your arguments already.

  • M.J.
    I was able to nail them on the pedophile issue, as well as the fact that their NWT Bible is originally a Catholic product ... something that was put together by what JWs call "apostates."

    Can you elaborate a bit on what you told them regarding these two points?

  • lisavegas420
    One magazine is an Awake! that promotes their latest blood teachings ... which basically have not changed, but continue to push the same old arguments.

    Was it the August 2006 issue? Look on page 5 where it is talking about "The World Organization ackowledged........"

    Then look at this: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs279/en/

    I will keep you all posted if they actually do come back to see me.

    Looking forward to updates...

    Check me out. http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/12/119941/2114306/post.ashx#2114306


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I suppose it is possible that a couple of pretty stalwart witnesses could have conjured up the idea of trying to 'prove a known apostate wrong' at his residence.

    Maybe they just didn't believe the far fetched claims that all apostates are slandered with and wanted to see for themselves?

    More than likely you will not see those two back again though.


  • greendawn

    They are counting time or just trying to see if they can catch you as a convert through some sort of emotional appeal rather than strictly rational arguments.

  • daydream1900

    i have two sisters that call on me, god love them!! they have been coming for 4 years! i do like what they say and to me it makes sense! i have been on this web site and read many many comments but you guys don't convince me in what you say? so i question my intelligence? i think if i was not to believe in jehovah's teachings then i would feel so lost! i have studied many other religions too but to no avail! i think it would be so sad not to have a faith in something. i don't know how you guys cope with that.

  • earthtone


    There is a difference between having faith in Jehovah and faith in the WTS teaching.

  • inbyathread

    daydream - You are right. They do make sense when they are at the door giving their message. But ask them a question or two.

    Ask about how Bethel was allowed to get a UN Library Card but the rank and file publisher cannot get a YMCA pass to go swimming.

    Or ask about the flip-flop medical answers for organ transplants. Does a disfellowshipped witnesses who had a organ transplant while it was banned get automatically reinstated when transplants are allowed? How about witnesses who had a transplant while it was acceptable. Did they get disfellowshipped when the society flipped back to saying it is wrong to have a transplant

    Ask them if they can say NO to an Elders request and not be looked upon as one who is not putting faith in Jehovah

    Read them this one. They can look it up in their library.

    Quote from September 1, 1961 WATCHTOWER magazine, page 525, paragraph 15

    "If one renders obedient service to someone or some organization

    whether willingly or under compulsion, looking up to such as possessing

    a position of superior rulership and great authority, then that one can

    Scripturally be said to be a worshiper."

    Then ask them what the second question to Baptismal candidates is. If they don't have it readily at hand. Here it is also.


    you understand that your dedication and baptism identify you as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses in association with God’s spirit-directed organization?

    The statement "in association with" puts the society as this superior ruler with great authority and you must worship them or be disfellowshipped. You must follow their direction right or wrong.

  • daydream1900

    i can understand what you say with this one! but the words --God’s spirit-directed organization?----
    would that not make it right?

    i know the society have chopped and changed there teachings but they have only been going
    over a hundred years. i too asked the sisters many questions and i too have lots of doubts
    but the sisters say its because they receive to light on things.

    i would like to know what an apostate dose? do they pray to Jehovah? or is it all mixed believes?

    i will ask these sisters the question you have posted!

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