JWs at my door - A new Twist

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  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    amazing; it sounds like you gave them just enough to chew on. a little cat and mouse on your part. you hold the stringS. and can pull it in at any time. if they come back and your in the mood. you will have a little more fun. the smarter they think they are the harder they STUMBLE. have fun , and stroke them for aLL IT'S WORTH... JOHN

  • moshe

    They will return to make a visit in order to start their time for the morning. I doubt that they make any effort to engage in a further debate. As a sister told me last week- my discussion with them was not positive- in other words they did not control the meeting.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    moshe. out of a hand full of people here i would like to have with me when i talk to jw's . you are surely one. john

  • Twitch
    i think it would be so sad not to have a faith in something. i don't know how you guys cope with that.

    It's easy, if you have faith in yourself.

    Don't be sad for me. I'm not. :-)

  • Amazing

    Thanks for all the replies. For those who do not know me, I was a JW for 27 years, and served as an Elder. So, I know the playbook well.

    Dozy: I wouldn't exaggerate your own importance too much. The WTS don't bother informing congregations that notorious apostate Mr X has moved into the neighbourhood - they have no interest whatsoever in your whereabouts. You are dead meat (quite literally) as far as they are concerned.

    It is not a matter of exaggerating my importance. When you go through what I did with Watchtower attorneys, then you understand that they are clearly keeping track of every individual who has acted against them to the degree that I did. During testimony, they made a big deal out of getting my address, and the cross-street location, and how many miles from the place where they took testimony to my house. I have no doubts that they notified the local Elders of my existence in the territory. Ted Jaracz is known to carry a shit list of certain apostates with him. I have a fairly good idea of some of the names on that list.

    Well, we shall see if they return ... and what their disposition will be. I will have to get busy and read the literature that they left me.


  • Balsam

    I am about 60 miles from the congregation I was associated with. No ones knows me here and it is a different circuit. I have this JW lady who eagerly calls on me and we've actually made friends. She is not at all put off by my comments and probing of her religion. Shw has no clue I was ever a JW ever. I'm careful to not use her language or reveal I know more than she does. She's been a JW for 15 years and I was one for twice that time. I find it amusing to say the least. LOL


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