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  • uninformed

    Would it be a fiasco for a cong to have a practicing pedophile homosexual presiding elder for 20 years?

    He would go out in his car regularly on I-10 just east of San Antonio and wave his little member at truck drivers so they would stop at the next rest area and get a little action.

    Like father like son. Min svt son went to prison for pedophilia on another elders kid. (10 year sentence--did 5). Another brother non-svt went to prison for pedopholia.

    I was PO during most of this shit, having replaced the homo-pedophile as PO.

    I think the area was morally challenged.

    We turned out: 4 homosexual men, all of them also pedophiles

    2 lesbian girls

    7 illigitimate babies

    4 kids killed in a car accident while aux pioneering (divine protection)

    1 sister killed in a car accident suicide

    all in a period of about 5 years. Wasn't I a great PO?


  • DannyHaszard

    {Circa 1988-92} Just think,if the Rockland Massachusetts Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses had not f**ked over the Haszard family Danny Haszard Bangor Maine would probably still be a JW

    Watchtower hacks are you looking for my ground zero?

  • Gilberto
    Well it fianally all came out thank to Jah's holy spirit

    Didn't that prove you had the truth. That Jehovah would always reveal wrongdoing, (in his own time though)

  • Highlander

    Pine city, Minnesota had the usual FIASCOS.

    There is the brother appointed as an ms, that for many years have been molesting his daughter.

    Then, there's a younger brother who at the age of about 17 was caught molesting a young girl he was babysitting. no charges were filed,, only a slap on the wrist as in public reproof.

    I do believe the father of this younger brother had pedophile tendenices. My sister was babysitting this 'younger brother' when he was maybe 10 years old or so,, the father came home

    sat next to my sister,, commented to her that she and all the other young sisters in the congo were really developing nicely, then proceeded to put his hand on my sister's thigh.

    Like father, like son. My sister doesn't know that I have this info about her. I was told by her husband. I pray(if there is a god) that nothing more than that happened to my sister.

    Then ofcourse there was the usual Multi-Level-Marketing schemes that were started by the PO of the congregation. He's an a$$hole as far as I'm concerned. He likes to play the part

    of an important CEO and be in charge of everything and everyone. In the past he's moved to the eastcoast, but he always ends up returning to small town minnesota. In my opinion

    it's because he can't handle being a small fish in a big pond on the east coast, so he returns so that he can be the big fish in the very small pond of rural minnesota.

    The MLM scheme that was implemented by the PO got to be such a problem than when the CO made a visit, he had to clean house and stated that he wasn't going to allow

    such a scheme to 'bring down' jehovah's organization. After that, they no longer pushed the scheme among the congo members, and eventually it died out.

    MLM schemes typically thrive in religious settings as the congo members typically place a lot of trust in eachother.

    For many years I was in the automotive business, and I grew so tired of the congo members that would never say hi to me or associate with me, but when their care 'broke down'

    then all of a sudden I'm their best friend and they expected me to provide free service to them. Many of these were family members which made it all the more sick.

    I left that congo 10 years ago and I'm sure that what I've experienced is just a 'snap-shot' of what has happened in the past and continues to occur. I can only imagine the other things

    that have occurred that I have no knowledge of.

  • frozen one
    frozen one

    Pine City...did you know anyone involved with wisconsin bar brand?

  • Highlander

    Yep, that's the PO's old company. I believe he sold that off, but now has a new company that's identical to it. Who do you know from that company? Anyone from PC?

  • frozen one
    frozen one

    I'll send you a pm highlander. Don't want to bore the board.

  • Mary

    Sooo....basically we're all saying that No, there's never been a fiasco in any congregation.

  • Highlander

    Good point Mary, what we're describing is NORMAL for the congregations. So no,, zero FIASCOS.

  • Sunspot

    In a congregation in western MA, the PO had a lovely expensive home on a mountain, a lucrative job in hospital administration and a very sweet wife who adored him.

    Turns out that he was NOT married legally, and ended up taking off with a sister who had been through a rotten divorce and was regularly "being counseled" by the PO and his wife. The poor wife left town in disgrace.

    A few years later, I saw the old PO and the new wife at a DC n MA....with their new baby.

    Ahhh.......stories of true love......

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