Why is the WTBTS so against mental health professional treatment?

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  • Dansk

    I was told by the P.O.'s wife during my study that JWs refrain from going to see a psychologist because they may be hypnotised and have their minds taken over!

    She also told me that's the reason to avoid yoga - because during relaxation, especially yogic relaxation, one's mind is open to demonic influence!


  • Hondo

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  • Anitar

    By now, I think everyone here realizes that the "colleague in Croatia" was a made up story by the WTS. The problem is, the dubs who believe this, like my mom who really need mental help, say that the WTS is telling the truth because they would not risk losing their everlasting life over telling a lie. In other words, they're telling the truth because they say they're telling the truth.

    I'll use an example. Yesterday my mom told me that a close friend of hers, Sherry, at the KH died of stomach cancer. Mom said she didn't even know she was sick until she was dead. I said surely you must have noticed her losing weight, and she said that Sherry said she was on a diet, and didn't want us to worry. So I said: "So this 60 year old woman, who had spent her whole life in the truth, died of cancer after refusing ANY MEDICAL TREATMENT WHATSOEVER, and then she lied to everyone about it." Forget about blood transfusions, this woman never even set foot in a hospital. It's a wonder she made it to 60! But because she lied about her illness, wouldn't that mean she lost her everlasting life? So she not only suffered needlessly, SHE WON'T EVEN BE RESURECTED?


    The dubs who really need mental help will never go see a therepast because they believe the WTS. It's not like I can drag her in kicking and screaming. And yet, incredibly, she watches Oprah and Dr. Phil, and she laughs at all the people who are trapped in a cult or abusive relationships! And she even does yoga to lose weight! But after all this, she still doesn't get a clue, and it's staring her right in the face!

    So, my question is this: has anybody ever tried direct hypnosis on a dub? Does that sound too crazy? Will it work? And how would you ever get them to agree to it? Sorry, that was more than one question.


  • hamsterbait


    "I like spinach".

    You poor, poor, sick man - of course this is due to being fixated on Popeye cartoons. Later in life the WTBTS filled your sad little heart with shame at your latent homosexual desire to caress a Popeye comic, and so your psyche created a REACTION FORMATION, whereby you like spinach, but refuse to eat it constantly to deny your naughty feelings.

    Of course this is all your own fault because as a youth you did not pray enough and keep your hands out of your pants.


  • LongHairGal

    I don't think they are so against it anymore. How can they be when there are so many people who suffer from depression, etc.?? I think they now concede that people may need medication or counseling.

    Some years ago at a district assembly there were talks about not interfering with people's professional treatment, etc. I don't know if anybody remembers this, but I do. The impression I got is that there was a lot of busybody behavior going on and that the elders were not mental health professionals. I think the only admonition was to beware of spiritistic practices.

    All in all, they are not crazy about it because I think they are afraid their dirty laundry will be exposed in a therapist session.


  • greendawn

    A good psychiatrist can help people overcome the blockages that render them weak and often these blockages are introduced by the WTS in order to facilitate their control over them.

    On the other hand getting money for helping people psychologically, doesn't really sound right what these unfortunate people need is love and not their money taken in big chunks. It seems to defeat the object.

  • Bammer
    By now, I think everyone here realizes that the "colleague in Croatia" was a made up story by the WTS.

    Well, probably, but doesn't have to be. I dated a JW girl a few years ago who had been to a psychologist (due to a death in her family this girl had a difficult time), and she told me the psychologist had actually adviced her to stay in the JW! The psychologist believed her faith was what kept her going. I personally think it's a bad advice to give a person with problems, no matter what religious group is in question. But as someone else stated, mental health professionals are not judgmental and this one probably felt that to advice the girl not to remain a JW would be putting personal opinion over concern for the girls mental health. Take care

  • Anitar

    Good idea Bammer, and welcome to the board! As for the girl you knew, is she still a JW? If so, would the same therapist adivse her to leave

    today? Maybe another thing we haven't considered is; even when the JWs decide to go to a therapist, what if they can't afford it? It seems like a

    trivial question, but I can't help wondering.



  • LittleToe

    It's highly unlikely a Mental Health professional would recommend that someone change their religion, or anything else that they hang on to for some modicum of stability, for that matter. Since the WTS is registered as a religion in most countries, I suspect they wouldn't think twice about the underlying damage it can cause, unless they had a significant exposure to patients suffering from its abuses.

    Besides, they spend more of their time on the cases where the the patient thinks they are Jesus

    LT, of the "Mental Health Services Manager, but it's only my day-job" class

  • looking_glass

    Little Toe you named them, plus Christian Scientists. The LDS I know said that her religion is anti mental health help.

    I know a chick who was raised JW. She left the religion was normal for a while and then she turned to a fundamentalist church and when she felt that they were not strict enough she started her own over the top religion that meets in her house. After finding this out, I soon discovered that there are a lot of home run religions and these people seem to also be very anti-mental health help.

    Granted saying "all" fundies are anti-mental health help might be a bit extreme, it does seems like those that I have come across feel that mental health practitioners are bad (the common reason I have heard is they are anti-god and thus will encourage people to turn to their sinful tendencies and way from god) and discourage their parishioners to avoid going to them.

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