Why is the WTBTS so against mental health professional treatment?

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  • Brigid

    Exactly as stated above, therapy--presumably a journey closer to the Self is going to seriously threaten the false Self that the society attempts to implant in it's adherents psyches. That becomes very dangerous to the hive-ish, collective organism that is the religion of JW's.

    There are a million other reasons why but this, I believe is the main threat.


  • garybuss

    The reason a Jehovah's Witness feels better when they go to a meeting or to a convention is the same reason a compulsive gambler feels better when she's in a casino and it's the same reason a shopper blows a grand on things he doesn't need and the same reason an alcoholic feels better when they drink.
    The behavior is the problem. Beware when a person is drawn to something. I like spinach but I don't eat it morning, noon, and night. I like a hot bath but I don't sit in the tub all day because it feels good, but a real Witness is drawn to Witness repetitive readings, meetings, and fundraising like a moth to the flame.
    I've seen my wife load up our babies in the car and head off to a meeting in a Dakota blizzard despite my objections, when there were no travel warnings posted and a wreck on every corner. This is not the behavior of a sane, rational person, but I've seen drunks ride a bicycle on ice to get to town to pick up a bottle.
    I think a Witness needs to see the appropriate doctor and receive rational treatment.
    My second oldest son suffers from schizophrenia and the Jehovah's Witnesses almost killed him by discouraging him from seeing psychiatrists and by discouraging him from taking prescribed medicine.
    Without timely treatment, he had numerous psychotic episodes that left him totally disabled now. Thanks to the Jehovah's Witness people he shuns me today and won't accept my direct help. I can help him, kind of, I help him though other people. It's still slow, aggravating to me, and it carries a level of anxiety we really don't need.

  • daniel-p

    This may have been mentioned before, but I think its because they really don't want the R&F to feel empowered. They would prefer them to be dependent, even if it is an unhealthy way. Its in the Society's interests to keep people weak, afraid, co-dependent, self-conscious, and guilty.

  • Witchettygrub

    Garybuss take a bow for your posts. I had a deep belly chuckle at the first one.
    More serious was your second one and the words 'I've seen my wife load up our babies in the car and head off to a meeting in a Dakota blizzard'. It brings to my mind the articles that have been in the Watchtower/Awake where people have crossed snake infested areas, flooded rivers or walked many miles in the one day and such like to attend at the KH. Almost as though they were in a trance like state.


  • crazyblondeb

    Ya'll have forgotten that more service work, more praying, more donations, and more moping floors is the cure for any affliction!!

  • Arthur

    In the area where I lived, I never heard anyone discourage psychiatric treatement. I think this is because there were so many Witnesses on Prozac and Paxil.

    But, I do remember very distictly the attitude toward "worldly" therapists and psychologists. I heard it said over and over again that "worldly" psychologists would make us begin to believe that the "truth" was too restrictive, too burdensome, and unfulfilling. I remember thinking: "Hell, I don't need a psychologist to tell me that; I already know that!"

    I remember at one Circuit Assembly, a speaker started taking jabs at Dr. Phil; suggesting that Dr. Phil encourages youths to engage in unscriptural behaviors. I sat there thinking: "Oh yes, encourging kids to play softball instead of smoking pot, really unscriptural! Why don't you try watching his show and becoming better informed before you go up on stage and make a total ass crevice out of yourself."

  • MidwichCuckoo

    A purely personal opinion......

    I believe this 'religion' has run its course. Unlike real religions that have remained pretty standard and stable over the centuries, 'sects' and 'cults' have a limited 'shelf life'. They are 'born' when people have a 'need' for them, but as Society changes, the sect/cult becomes useless unless it changes.

    Since Dubism was founded, mental health issues have taken a MASSIVE leap forward and mental illness has become 'acceptable' as being common (to most people at some time in their lives) and treatable. No stigma. No need to look for 'something better' (A New System). Mental health treatment could CURE someone of NEEDING to be a Dub.

  • Gill

    I like to believe that you're right, MC. I think the WTBTS is slowly on its way down.. The problem is, it can still take a lot of people with it.

    There's the on going blood fiasco.

    Their recent Awake article on eating disorder was a disgrace. It recommended prayer as a treatment and said that professional treatment for this mental health condition was only necessary in a few cases, words to the effect. Anorexia is a life threatening condition, and anyone who would recommend prayer as a treatment, needs some serious psychiatric help themselves.

  • MidwichCuckoo
    The problem is, it can still take a lot of people with it.

    Of course - there are always those who cling to a sinking ship - for whatever reason. But as you say, the recent eating disorder article (I didn't see it) is a joke - BUT 100 years ago, it would have been perceived as a valid 'cure' along with a load of other 'quack' remedies. And that's the WTBTS's problem. It's a dying religion based on what people 'needed' over 100 years ago and has no chance with Modern Society.

  • Gill

    Well something certainly seems to be afoot in JW land, so the next few months may turn out to be very interesting.

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