Circuit Overseer headcount in UK

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  • besty

    hi ozziepost - have read your posts with interest over the years ;-) definitely not an urban legend - elder i was talking with is well connected ex member of HLC etc. all information I have is that a number of new CO's were made - possibly stand-in CO's - and that 15 older existing CO's were retired - not judicial or anything like that

  • scotsman

    I know of at least one of the C.O.s that retired last month and it was just that, retirement. Travelling around in your seventies is a bit tiring.

  • besty

    thinking about Metatrons post

    "Perhaps part time C.O's/elders would be cheaper and safer for the money grubbing Theocrats to work with."

    It may be that a larger bank of stand-in CO's and a reduction in fulltimers is a policy change.

    Must be cheaper and more flexible - almost like an outsourced model.

    They might move to an offshore model next :-) all CO's are 'live from India by teleconference'

  • scotsman
    It may be that a larger bank of stand-in CO's and a reduction in fulltimers is a policy change.

    I'd heard it was just a lack of appropriate and willing candidates.

  • zagor

    Just a routine replacement I'd say. Young blood is easier stirred up, easier to control and less likely to "murmur"

    Older ones on the other side have seen ugly side of it all and are not easily startled by anything new from 'Society', hell many times they had to cover for it and put their backs in order to protect the interests of the “kingdom”. They instinctively know that there is nothing new under the sun.

  • slimboyfat

    I just love the ambiguity of the original phrase:

    15 'older' CO's have been stood down

    Seems the poster could not make up his mind/was unsure exactly what happened? Or was he betraying a deeper truth about how the Witness organisation operates?

    Would sure like someone with more information to enlighten us on this one.


  • besty


    no mystery/ambiguity here - 15 older CO's have retired and a number of younger standby CO's have been appointed.

    two other posters on this thread have heard of new CO's being appointed recently and one other poster has heard of an older CO retiring.

  • slimboyfat

    Well CO's come and go. What has to be confirmed, I suppose, is whether there is anything unusual about this set of changes.

  • tijkmo

    this is changeabout time in the all cos get new assignments

    it is usual at this time for cos to consider whether they wish to take on their new assignments rather than to do it in the middle of a 3 year stint.

    interestingly it is not likely to be just because of age that a co comes off circuit work

    some of the younger ones cannot take the stress

    the difficulty finding new ones is mainly down to not training prospective ones in the congs or a co not recommending a temporary co..they have to be recommended by 2 cos

    i know of a special pioneer who was a temporary co and who had his best friend come to do circuit work on his congregations circuit and who used him as a temp during his 3 years and then told him at the end that he wouldnt be recommending him for permanent co...devastated him...and then the next co recommended him anyway...holy spirit eh...must be a person cos its got a sense of humour

    another co decided he was too old and frail to continue but was persuaded by the powers that be to do one more assignment...and died half way thru it..

  • Dansk

    I think many new changes will occur in the not too distant future as the last of the old and decrepit brigade in Brooklyn pop their clogs. The newer, younger ones will have their own ideas on how the Society should be run - but they won't have the authority of a Rutherfod or Franz and will inevitably dig a hole for themselves (bigger than previous).

    I genuinely think interesting times are ahead for us apostates! I believe I will see my dream of Watchtower's collapse!! Lovely!!


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