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  • jaguarbass

    The Jews don't have the economic strength of petroleum, nor the possibility to force the world's media to see "their side" of the question.

    I dont know where your going with all of this. I am not against the jews. I dont spend much time thinking about them. But in my country the United States the Jews pretty much control the media. They own it. I would guess if they own the media in the most powerful country in the world ,they can force the world to see anything they want. Before you tell me the jews dont control the media check out the link.

  • jaguarbass
    What I make out of that is that the Jews run this world.

    Yea they run the world. And of course they are the source of all the worlds problems. Perhaps Hitler was right after all. They are the cancer that has to be cut out.

    That's the problem with small minded people, blame your problems on some mythical boogie man.

    The mythical boogie man is evil spirits demons angels and ghost, The tangible ,touchable, documentalbe fact of the matter is the Jews run this world. What you want to do with that fact is up to you. If you are full of hate or love ,ambivilent or reactionary. Dont shoot me Im only the messenger. Maybe your mind is too large to comprehend this.

  • rebel8

    OK, so we have an apparently accurate list of the ethnic backgrounds of some Nobel prize winners.

    I'm sorry but you need more evidence than just this list to draw a valid conclusion about the reason for the differences in ethnicities. There are any number of reasons for the differences.

    If we are determined to decide that it's due to some ethnic trait, then it's because there's something inside of us that's making us want to believe that, despite the obvious lack of evidence.

    (AKA Prejudice.)

    I do not mean to be confrontational, but it's really hard to read prejudicial comments and not react.

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