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  • blondie

    The Prize Awarders

    Who selects the Prize Winners? In his last will and testament, Alfred Nobel specifically designated the institutions responsible for the prizes he wished to be established: The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for the Prize in Physics and Chemistry, Karolinska Institute for the Prize in Physiology or Medicine, the Swedish Academy for the Prize in Literature, and a Committee of five persons to be elected by the Norwegian Parliament (Storting) for the Peace Prize. In 1968, the Sveriges Riksbank established the Prize in Economics in Memory of Alfred Nobel. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences was given the task to select the Economics Prize Winners starting in 1969.

  • LittleToe

    None from the Middle-East, then?

  • dvw

    people get mad when you give them the facts. you cant blame muslim leaders for the problems of muslims. the leaders are a reflection of the people. if the muslims didnt have westerners to fight with they would fight with each other. its what they do. been doing it for generations.

  • blondie

    Probably not unless they immigrated to Sweden. Darn few women and blacks too.

  • JeffT


    Given the progressive nature of Swedish society I'd tend to think that women represent a significant part of the prize committees. When we were there in 1990 women were present at every level of every function. There is almost certainly a white/western European bias to the selection process, however.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    1994 - Yaser Arafat

    hmmmmm, what's wrong with this picture?

  • jaguarbass

    What I make out of that is that the Jews run this world.They are very clanish and stick together more than other groups. Being jewish is a nationality. Being muslim is belonging to various nationalities ascribing to a foolish thought process.

  • zeroday
    What I make out of that is that the Jews run this world.

    Yea they run the world. And of course they are the source of all the worlds problems. Perhaps Hitler was right after all. They are the cancer that has to be cut out.

    That's the problem with small minded people, blame your problems on some mythical boogie man.

  • sspo

    To Blondie

    Could it be women don't win as often because they usually are not involved in the fields where prizes are given and won, such as physics and economics, peace and so on?

    Jews beleive very much in higher education, I worked as blue collar worker for decades and you hardly ever see a Jew working as a laborer.

    So, just a thought, there might be a connection there

  • jaguarbass

    Thats some extrapolation on my observation. Enlighten me. Who is the antisemite you or I. I bet you were a good elder der commisar.

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