Revised Letter to my Mother--Possibly the LONGEST in history...

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  • Confession

    Hi, Lisa! Yes, the "3 Layers of Propaganda" was actually its own thread: "The Society's Effective Strategy to Smother the Truth." And, yes, the circular reasoning always gets you.

    Sass My Frass, thanks for your comment. I thought it was very wise. I've actually been working on that letter for six months--and I think I'll give it a once over one more time before I send it.

    Much Appreciated,


  • sass_my_frass

    I also think that it's good that you're not actually making moves to leave or send the big violent DA letter that you know is going to cut you off from your people. If anybody gets a bee in their bonnet, they're going to have to take action to get you out of the congregation, and that's their problem, not yours. I don't think it's our responsibility to play by their rules, and I think that the people who shun us should be forced to get the process started themselves, so that they'll always remember that they played a role in the destruction of their family.

    Keep it together.

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  • AuldSoul

    Excellent letter, Confession! I am sure that if she reads it she will be moved by it.


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip


  • sandy

    Hi Confession,

    I think your letter is great, very well written. You mentioned your mother is 72 and I am sure somebody already brought this up to you . . .

    Do you think it is worth giving your mom this letter? I'm sure you already decided that you could live with the concequences, but, what about your parents?

    How hard are they going to take this? Maybe it would be more selfless of you to just carry on as if you are just simply inactive but still a believer. Maybe then your parents will feel better and not be afraid of death and/or armageddon knowing that you still have a chance.

    Well just something to consider if you haven't already.

  • Confession


    I did address what you're saying in a post on the first page. Thanks for your concern.

    This is the way I look at it. I can be "selfless," and decide to spare my mom and dad the agitation of this whole experience. But what about the more than twenty other family members? Do I just forget about them? It is not as if I think I'm going to "save" them. I know it's likely none will respond right away--and perhaps only a few in the long-term. But I believe it is the loving and proper thing for me to at least try.

    Can I somehow do this without my mom and dad finding out? I am convinced this would be impossible. Further, although 72 and 74 are certainly advanced ages, these two are in really great shape. My dad continues to engage in an annual bicycle trip that takes him through the entire state of Michigan over the course of an entire week. Although I know they may die at anytime, it would not surprise me that either or both may live another fifteen years.

    Others here may disagree, but knowing what I know now...if I were in their shoes I would want my child to show me the real truth about this organization. Confession

  • Geronimo
    “Education teaches you how to think. Propagandists tell you what to think. True educators present all sides of an issue and encourage discussion. Propagandists hammer hard on their view and discourage discussion… But even educated, sophisticated persons fall prey to a very unfair and untrue type of propaganda. This type assumes a superior air of dismissal of an opponent’s viewpoint, treating it as rather pathetic and really not worth attention.” [Awake!, August 22, 1978, pages 3 & 4]

    Do you agree that assuming such an “air of dismissal” and discouraging open discussion of all the available information would be “unfair?” I can certainly commend the Watchtower Society for presenting the above. In fact they have often done similarly.

    I would have written "This is EXACTLY what the WTS does!" G

  • restrangled

    Just wanted to say your letter is brilliant. My husband is printing it out to have on hand.

    It sounds as if you are dealing with the same mother I have. I just gave up, you did all the work.

    Thank you for your post and hard work.


  • Confession

    AuldSoul, thanks again for your fine posts on the WTS' requirements for baptism. Great stuff.

    Geronimo, yeah I could've done that. But, while in plenty of places I pull no punches, occasionally I just like to throw it out there, allowing her own mind to find the reasoning.

    Restrangled, I'm so happy it may be of help to you.



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