Revised Letter to my Mother--Possibly the LONGEST in history...

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  • Seeker4


    I read the entire letter carefully, and it's a really great job. I'm an editor, and I appreciate that the spelling, grammar and sentence structure are excellent. OK, that's from the anal me, but I just shudder when I read some of the posts here that sound like they were written by someone illiterate. It's important, I think, that people see that those who are leaving are really intelligent, thoughtful people, and that's what your letter shows.

    I sent an 8-page letter to my local body of elders when they invited me to a judicial meeting, and I put it here on JWD last year, so that may have been longer than your's, but probably not! I have copied your's to my laptop, and thank you for all the work that went into this. It is really well thought out and very well put together.

    I have a mom who is 83 and still a JW, and I would love for her to get out, so don't hesitate to send this. Unfortunately, my mom is hardly a deep thinker on any of these topics and I'm afraid most of this would be way over her head. Let's hope your mom is different.

    Again, a great job, and lots of really important information in this. Anyone willing to think, either now or later, will find this letter a huge help in seeing the WTS for what it is.


  • LDH
    my mom is hardly a deep thinker on any of these topics

    The same could be said of most JW followers. Deep thinking is dangerous territory, for a lot of reasons.

    I once had an elder blow up on me and shout, "Don't you think I have doubts too?" However they push them into the farthest corner of their minds.


  • Confession

    Hi, Seeker... Thanks for the note. Yes, I too have always been a stickler for spelling, pronunciation and grammar. But guess who made me that way? (pause) My mother!

    As LDH says, thinking is dangerous territory for a JW. My mother is an intelligent woman. That said, she has been a JW since she was about 19 or 20. More than 50 years in--and I fear she may be institutionalized. But we'll see won't we?

    By the way, my letter comes out to about 22 pages in Microsoft word with the usual sized font, spacing and margins. :o)



  • vitty

    An excellent letter

    I thought at first I would not finish it but it was riveting right to the end

    I wish I could step back into the JW thinking while reading this letter. When you finally wake up from the WT induced coma, you see and hear things completely differently. I would like to know how it would FEEL to read this letter.

    Ive been fading for 2 years, at first I was terrified my family would find out, now Ive got to the stage were the fear has gone and Im bursting to tell them, the fear now is opening my mouth when I shouldnt and closing down the lines of communication.

    Its knowing what to say and when

    Im thinking of starting to send some stuff anonymously to my family, maybe I should start with this letter

    Headed "a loving letter from a son to his mother"

  • Confession

    Hey, Vitty...

    I was thinking about that too: wondering how an active JW would really respond to the letter. I guess we'll find out. Looks like you and I have been fading for about the same time. Feel free to forward the letter if you like.



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