As one of Jehovah's Witnesses...what did you lose?

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  • mama1119

    Lost out on a normal childhoold and teenage-hood, lost out on celebrating holidays with family..

  • lesterd

    Theres not enough time, yes also, the life time devoted to the bORG, the persecution in schools growing up, lost childhood and real friends and family. Time in prison for the draft, ridicule by the conregation for not pioneering to avoid the draft. The quailty life style for my wife and children by forgoing better paying jobs in order to seek first the kingdom, and all other things will be added. Then the change, DA before it was the new wave of getting rid of discontents. The shunning, more for my wife from her family, as most of mine were dead and the others were afraid of me, because of my knowledge, 3 generation history and anointing. The change brought about a rift with my children who held me responsible for all the thing they were left out of in school and freinds social events, etc, and now we werent jws anymore. I lost them, and then my wife of 35 years was diagonised with terminal cancer and turned back to the jws for her folks and to turn the adult kids back to Jehovah, diviorced me moved to the state where they lived. Called me a month later and said she had made a mistake and reconciled, but the cancer took her before I ever got to see her again.

    So what did I lose..everything. What did I gain? The truth. Christ said that you will know the thruth and the truth will set you free. There is no freedom in the bORG. The conflict is between freedom and truth. There is truth there, but it is not exersised. Like all other religions it is used to subjugate to and organization, and not allow a free relationship with God.

    The thought process taught by the bORG, is basic mind control, and the conclusions jws come up with are always in line with the bORGs thinking.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    I lost 30 years of my life and the chance to raise my children as I wanted to. I lost my freedom. And I truly believe that I lost my health because of all the stress put upon me. I lost advancement opportunities at work because of "putting the kingdom first". And there are so many empty places where beautiful memories should be. Memories of holidays and birthdays, proms, school events for the kids, the very fabric of life. I lost all my friends that loved me for myself and I alienated my worldly family.

    What have I gained? Some freedom. I am still fading and have closest family members still in. So I have freedom of thought and can believe what I choose to, but I still can't say what I want to and have to watch what I do. Still no holidays, no true friends and stuck somewhere between two very different worlds.

  • aarque
    Lost out on my childhood. Too much time was spent worring about getting in my quotas for the month when I was 8 years old! It seemed my whole life revolved around going to meetings, studying for meetings, going out in service... it left no time just to be a kid. I always wanted to go to college and dreamed someday of going. When I was 33, I had a lumpectomy done. Even though the results were benign, it made me realize how fragile a hold on life we all have. So, I went back school. (I was pretty much faded out by then) I graduated in 1996 with an AA, then went on to the University for my BA, which I earned in 2001. It took 14 years part time to do it, but it was the best thing I ever did. In 2005 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and in 2006 a second cancer was found. At least I have done one thing in my life that I had always dreamed of doing.
  • restrangled

    I lost the opportunity for higher education, a cheerful out look on life...( I felt I was going to die before my time...highschool or just beyond because God (WBTS) felt I was inferior, a great opportunity to teach dancing, and a career in art. I now have lost my mother to this sect. I lost time with my father who died too young and was out of be Borg; I didn't have discussions with him about this out of respect for my mother.

    What was positive? I met my husband who never did join. We have been married 25 years in November and 2 beautiful sons who are now in college and still living at home with us, both free to choose as they please!

    I learned to be alone and not be lonely, be a good cook and housekeeper....this was allowed.


  • wonderwoman

    My innocence.

  • jaguarbass

    32 years of my life. My sanity. My peace. Being too far down the wrong road to ever get back.

  • raylo

    *sigh* i still to this day wish I could have attended the Universities who recruited me for my academics. If I could go back in time.......

    call me crazy, but some JWs are the main ppl who NEED to be in college so they can learn a thing or two, the ppl in my last cong were not too bright...

    but honestly, too many things lost to list ... Maybe I'll write a book, volumes 1 - 5 and sell it at Walmart..

  • crazyblondeb

    I lost my childhood and innocence. I lost my family for many years that cannot be replaced. I lost my self-repect, my soul.

    No one taught me about credit, and how it works. Didn't realize I needed a higher education until I had my daughter. Had no clue how to be a stable person, much less a good mother. Had no idea how to have a "normal" relationship with a friend or boyfriend/husband. Trust in myself, and others, is something I'm still battling with.

    Need I go on...?

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