Blood donation question

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  • moomanchu

    So much for that idea.

    The WTS is an evil hypocrite.

    I asked my ex bethelite special pioneer elder brother about this, he hasn't responded.

    In fact I haven't heard from him since, I guess I am now evil, oh boy, let the games begin.

  • blondie

    moom, just check with the Red Cross and go to one of their locations and give blood. No one at work need never know.


  • sspo

    Any elders out there that might know about the policy of blood whether you ge DF or reproved for taking or giving blood?

    Usually if there is any watering down of the policy the GB would only let CO know and then give that information to the elders.

  • crazyblondeb

    Do what blondie suggested. Every donation matters!!


  • blondie

    The CO read a non-letter (see below) to the elders telling them that taking a blood transfusion means the person has disassociated themselves. Thus no judicial hearing will be convened and it will be handled like all other disassocations.

    Non-letter: It was a piece of paper with WTS letterhead but the elders were not allowed to read it and have a copy for their files.

    There is nothing in writing in the WTS publications either.


    (PS there is a thread or several threads on this)

    Check this website too:

  • blondie

    Good information on the policy changes re DF or DA

  • stevenyc

    I went to donate a few months back, but was turned away because I'm a Brit.

    So, if you do go, put a pint in for me.


  • blondie

    It's that mad cow disease thing. I'm a US citizen and live in the US but if I had spent 6 months recently in the UK, they wouldn't take my blood for awhile. Did they say you could never qualifiy?


  • JH
    I went to donate a few months back, but was turned away because I'm a Brit.

    Don't you guys also have red blood?

  • inbyathread

    I asked the Circuit Overseer this same question. Witnesses take from the blood bank all the time but never return any of it.

    The brothers and sisters all pay their taxes. We don't know if the government will use our dollars for military use or public use. We hope they will use it properly. The same goes for our blood. We donate it with the hopes that the bank uses it for the best purposes.

    He told me to write the society. (I guess it's not an important issue for him to write) I'm not wasting another stamp on them. Sent two letters on different matters and they still haven't answered.

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