Last Night A Young Elder Got Announced As Being---- Deleted!

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  • mann377

    masturbation is a "touchy" subject with the WTBS.

  • willyloman

    "Deleted" is official dub-speak for "no longer on the list," as in "We have this official list of elders in the congo and we have deleted (scratched off, erased) one of the names."

    It's all part of the Pure Language, one of the many DubWords that separate JWs from everybody else. Your ability to use such words with a straight face marks you as the equivalent of a Mafia "made man."

    It''s not a matter of personal choice on the part of the person making the announcement; it is the official, approved, required statement they make whenever someone is scratched off the list. Min. Servants and Pioneers are also said to be deleted when they are taken off the club's scrolls.

    This is one of those dub expressions that is completely misunderstood by rank and file JWs, many of whom also think that "publically reproved" denotes a greater degree of sin that "privately reproved" when in fact it's just semantics.

    And, yes, it does sound "harsh." But this is a harsh organization firmly based on judging and expressing disapproval of the actions of fellow members.

  • minimus

    I hope it would get him thinking too but this family that he belongs to are considered by many as pillars after many generations. Realistically, he's a overly guilty person and I always liked him because I could see he was a good person but trapped by his own insecurities and flaws.

  • LovesDubs

    The one thing this borganization doesnt do is get rid of ANYTHING having to do with their members! Even after you DIE your file remains. So if this poor kid was "deleted" they are going to forever ask the question WHY wherever he goes. Hopefully where he IS going is OUT THE DOOR.

    Maybe he decide to <gasp> go to college!

  • mouthy

    When you're no longer one of the boys, you might as well be vaporized, Oh!! just like they did Jesus !!!! But the Eyes of understanding THEIRS !!!! know they may return him invisably ----just like Jesus

  • Finally-Free
    Maybe he decide to <gasp> go to college!

    That's one of the most heinous offenses a JW can commit.


  • daniel-p
    I know, it sounds like they pushed a button with his name on it and vaporized him.

    LOL! Does anyone remember in the movie The Quiet Man, when Danaher gets into arguments with a couple other guys and he tells his sidekick to write their name down in his little notebook and then he says "now put a line through it!"


  • integ

    How the hell do you know he had a "problem" with masturbation? Was this common knowledge? It's ridiculous that ANYBODY would have access to that kind of info. It says a lot about the organization I think.

    I wonder if anybody knows about my "problem" with diareah???


  • kid-A

    Interesting. I have never heard the word "deleted" used in an announcement. At my kingdumb hall it was always "so and so has been removed as an elder....etc." I guess that way they made it sound more like a "surgical" procedure! LOL

  • minimus

    Integ, when I was an elder a few years ago, he "confessed" his "problem" to me. I told him he needed to get a handle on it and to try to work it out and not beat himself up all the time.

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