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  • twinflame

    Congratulations on your newly found status and welcome to the site. I'm sorry to hear about the shunning, as we all hate to hear about this. I was fortunate none of my children stayed in and share my view of the WBTS. You will find many, many new friends that will accept you unconditionally.

  • Warlock

    Welcome Marion!


  • Genesis

    Welcome Marion, youve come to the right place :) !


  • Jourles

    Glad you could join the rest of us....in the real world.

  • MsMcDucket

    Marion, I've noticed that when I do something wrong or say something wrong that's when I learn the best. I mean if you don't know it's wrong you will keep doing it. So, lay it out there and see what happens. Don't wear your heart on your sleeve.

    Stay strong!

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Warm welcomes Marion.
    Good to have ya here.

  • Gilberto

    Hi Marion

    I'm a Newbie too

    To be honest, I haven't got used to being an apostate yet, but coming here will certainly speed up the process!


    Don't worry about witness speak its been "inculcated" in all your 'loving brothers and sisters" here

    If you say what you feel I bet you find people understand.

  • done4good

    Welcome, Marion!


  • anewme

    Welcome Marion. You sound so good for only being D/A two days! My goodness! The value of having stabilizing companions and friends ready to help cannot be understated.

    Hope you enjoy JWD.

    Have you told us why you D/A'd?

  • iamfreenow

    Thankyou again everyone for your warm welcome.

    Anewme: I am writing my story, and have just put the first part on the board. It is a long one, but very therapeutic to write.

    I will add to it as and when I can, but I am posting at the moment from a friend's house (fullofdoubtnow) and have to go home shortly.

    Thank you again

    Marion xxx

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