What were your seating habits at the hall?

by JH 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • Kaytam

    directly accross from this cute guy, who never dated, but was fun to look at and catch eyes during meeting

  • sandy

    Always on the left or right towards the front. If I sat in the middle it was closer to the back. When I was there alone w/out family I loved to sit alone. That always made me feel independent. Even now I love being alone. I go to restaurants and movies alone.

  • brutusmaximus

    Platform duty sat at front

    Mike duty sat at back ready for action

    Sound duty sat at back kiddin on I was a DJ

    On platform for WT reading duty

    If not doing any of the above sat anywhere

    Kids came always at back and told off for reading too many kids books and not paying attention


  • greendawn

    Away from attention, to the side near the walls and to the back. Being able to see some pretty girls was always a bonus.

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