What were your seating habits at the hall?

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  • JH

    I would always leave a space between me and someone else. I hated when someone was seated right next to me. Didn't feel comfortable.

    I also loved sitting in back of a tall person, that would hide everything, like that I could close my eyes and the speaker wouldn't notice.....lol

    Oh sitting in back of a nice young sister would be fine too....

  • under_believer

    Pre-wife: I'd sit next to other single guys.
    Post-marriage, pre-kids: We'd fine an aisle seat, pretty much anywhere. We moved around alot.
    Post-kids: Aisle, as far back as possible for quick exits when the kids act up (as kids are wont to do.)

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    prekids: in the back
    post kids: in the back or second school where you could turn a speaker on and listen.
    getting ready to split: home

  • mama1119

    In the back until I had my daughter, and then prretty much planted it in the nursing room to avoid the prying eyes of the others ( I was DF, my old hall LOVED to stare!)

  • restrangled

    When we were young kids with my parents always within the first two rows. As we got older and our reputations, private reproofs, public reproofs and finally a disfellowshiping happened, the further back we went until we were in the last rows on the aisle.

    A ten year slow move to the back door and then out!


  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    We were usually late (my mother is never on time for anything!!) so we generally sat in the back, where the brother would put out some chairs for us. Occasionally there would be a row at the front we'd get ushered to depending on the brother at the back of the hall.

    I did not like to sit right beside someone else, so tried to keep a seat between, didn't always work though.


  • lonelysheep

    With the kids: Bathroom

    Without the kids: The 2nd row

  • Finally-Free

    • Pre-wife: Alone, somewhere in the middle.
    • While married: Front row, snoozing and getting ribs bruised by wife's elbow.
    • Post marriage/post cult: On couch in front of TV with Rocco on shoulder.


  • KW13

    i liked sitting alone tho i didn't get many opportunities, the end seat was best.

    also we didn't move around much, tended to sit on the same row or at least area of the hall, the society encouraged moving around and arriving at least x mins before but no one paid much attention to that.

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    I liked to sit in the second row from the front, dead center.

    I made my poor kids sit still and be quiet, and they did.

    I have apologized to them.

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