Why didn't you think you were in a cult?

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  • daystar


    When I first began studying the occult in depth, I came across this term that is not in common use amongst the general population, but is rather well-known in occult circles - Egregore.


    Similar to "gestalt" perhaps, but more specific.

    The JW religion, in my estimation is less run by men than it is by an egregore.

    Blondie, you may actually be more interested in this link regarding it - http://www.crcsite.org/printegregor.htm

  • jgnat

    Yeah, but...gestalt has such a nice ring to it. Yes, I agree that the WTBTS is a self perpetuating control machine that has lost the off switch.

    Why didn't you think you were in a cult? Because the cult told you that you weren't. Why didn't you question the cult? Because they already explained to you why they couldn't be questioned. In essence, your mind went in to a cognitive loop with no escape.

    Triumphing over this circular reasoning reminds me of the Star Trek episode (35) where Kirk overcomes a super computer, by forcing it in to a contradiction. A cult member will have an epiphany of some sort, maybe from a rude shock or an especially compelling argument. All of a sudden the blinders are removed, the inconsistencies come flooding forth, and he wonders, "How could I have been so stupid?" Don't feel too bad. I'm convinced our minds are built with this fundamental weakness to BELIEVE at all costs. Just like Humans have a poorly designed throat that doubles eating with breathing. Once in a while we choke.


    Chappy, I suggest there is nothing wrong with the cult definition, but with all the connotations that go with it. Say "cult" and people think of Jim Jones. Now, the WTBTS may not be as BAD as Jonestown, but hey, there are enough creepy parallels, especially in the way that former members are treated. "Cult" does NOT just mean fringe religion. That's the orthodox view. A better term, the one that Steve Hassan uses, is "High Control Group". It is the degree of control, and the amount of freedom allowed in the group, rather than orthodoxy of views, that sets a "High Control Group" apart from other organizations.

  • lonelysheep

    I didn't think I was in a cult because they told me that I wasn't. If it walks like a duck, it's a duck.

  • JWdaughter

    That we were considered a cult was just one more proof that we had Jehovah's favor, don't you know! If the world thought we were nuts, GREAT, cause we know the world is going to be destroyed and we WANT to be despised.

    That, and the WT said we weren't.

  • skeeter1

    The Watchtower said that it wasn't a cult.

  • Finally-Free

    The watchtower wasn't a cult because the watchtower said so. Seemed straightforward enough to me.

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who said this.


  • okie46

    Because it was all I had ever known and I never thought to question it until I was older. I believed it was all there was. If you grow up sheltered and told not to question authority, to not ask qestions.. just do it, your natural ability to question things is blanketed until something happens or you read something that strikes a chord with you.

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