Why didn't you think you were in a cult?

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    I was raised from an infant in it.When I was old enough to comprehend what was going on.I saw it for what it was..By that time my parents could`nt beat the answer,they wanted,out of me...OUTLAW

  • target

    I remember a Sunday speaker saying that cults follow "a man" and we follow Jehovah. There was no man at the head of our religion. (The GB was our man)


  • xjwms

    Gill and Target

    Right on

    They said "We are not a cult" and "Cults are head up of a man"

    I think I was sooo BrainWashed .. I needed this site and others like it.....and all of You Wonderful People....thank you

  • Mysterious

    Because cults are bad. Seriously everyone knew the JWs were right so how could we be called a cult. And I think there is a certain rejection of having anything that encompasses such a large part of your life by a derrogatory label such as cult.

  • Mulan
    Because the WBTS said so, redefining the word "cult" along the way.

    exactly what I was going to say

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    For the same reason I preached against "ORGANIZED" religion while I was part of God's only worldwide "ORGANIZATION". Now that's pretty damn mislead.


    (of the "I'm against organized religion" because the "organization" says so, class)

  • greendawn

    Because it appeared that the dubs had better moral standards and adherence to Biblical principles than the average non JW but at the end of the day the controlling organisation was no good, it is cultic because it lies and seeks to control information among its members. The R&F unwittingly create a nice enticing front for the org.

  • blondie

    I always thought a cult was a group like Jim Jones or David Koresh that had a single forceful leader at the head...the WTS did not have that. Also, I did not think that JWs would all obediently kill themselves like those groups did...but then I found out that they did not all go voluntarily. The last 2 years we attended my husband and I joked about when the Borg would get to the "koolaid" stage. Jim Jones and David Koresh did not get to the suicidal stage overnight. I finally realized that there are different degrees of cults and that there did not need to be one individual influencing everyone else. I do believe that the WTS has a gestalt (if I'm using that word right) where it is not one person or a group of persons but a general way of thinking that controls the WTS know. You could swap out all the GB members and their assistants with new people and things would stay the same. I have seen that in congregations where the elder body has rotated members quite quickly but basically they had the same a**hole approach.


    gestalt (sometimes capitalized)

    1. A collection of physical, biological, psychological or symbolic entities that creates a unified concept, configuration or pattern which is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Twitch

    'cause I was born and raised in it and didn't know any different.

  • chappy

    The problem "cult" is in the definition. It's like "pornography". I know it when I see/hear it, but anything approaching a universal definition is impossible. Your cult/porn is in all likelyhood not my cult/porn.


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