Why didn't you think you were in a cult?

by beautifulisfree 36 Replies latest jw friends

  • beautifulisfree

    So why didn't you think you were in a cult when you were a Jdub?

    My "worldly" husband always told me I was in a cult when we were dating..I didn't believe him. But, to this day I still don't know why I didn't agree with him. Maybe cause I wasn't drinking Koolaid or men didn't have multiple wives? (I guess thats what I thought a cult was).

  • daystar

    Because the WBTS said so, redefining the word "cult" along the way.

  • justsomedude

    I think since I was raised that way, I never had any other lifestyle to compare to my situation to and see how silly it was.

    What I dont get is people that come into this nonsense as adults and happily hand over their freedom and dont find it cultish.

  • Gill

    Because the Watchtower SAID 'We are NOT a Cult!'

    How stupid can someone be?

  • twinflame

    Right....'cause they always talked about people calling us a cult and said we weren't. How cultish is that type of thinking?

  • katiekitten

    Because all the other nutters were in a cult, but I was an intelligent person who had researched my religion objectively (i.e. been brought up in it) and made an informed choice as an adult (i.e. got baptised at 16 cos that was as long as I could get away with).

    So therefore I couldnt be in a cult! Impossible.

  • Genesis

    Cuz I was busy putting ink on my Watchtower to make it looks prepared...

  • proplog2

    This is another area where I find myself in serious disagreement with this board.

    "Cult" is a word defined and crafted by those who are in the business of getting people out of new religions. Everyone likes the old conventional religions.

    This board has elements of what could be labled a"cult". If you step on the toes of the "elite" the goons will come on and insult you with just about every rotten word they can think of. They conspire behind the scenes with each other to manipulate the way threads are handled. They would certainly do more than just call a person names if this was an organziation of people with power.

    Cult is a word that says more about natural human tendencies to affiliate than it does about the organizations bearing that label.

  • schne_belly

    What....we were in a cult????? J/K

    I think it was because we all believed this was GODS chosen religion. It couldn't possibly be a cult if GOD was behind us.

  • katiekitten
    If you step on the toes of the "elite" the goons will come on and insult you with just about every rotten word they can think of.

    That theres fightin' talk , Im not a goon! (although I am a fan of Spike Milligans early work). And I cetainly would never insult you with every rotten word I could think of (because id get deleted. I used to work in a prison, and I know some pretty rotten words).

    Any other goons here?

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