Evolution still bugs me

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  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    Here are some good articles against evolution! If you would like to take the time.

    Emerging Complexity

    Is there a natural process by which complex systems can emerge from simple components?


    Information, Thermodynamics, and Entropy

    Studies about information and thermodynamics both include the concept of entropy, which is the enemy of evolution http://www.scienceagainstevolution.org/v10i11f.htm

    Measuring Complexity

    We got a response from a famous expert in the field of complexity. http://www.scienceagainstevolution.org/v10i11e.htm

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  • Mysterious
    I don't see the smoking gun for evolution. I see lots of extinct animals. I see strange races of people different than us. Smaller and taller, stronger and weaker, bigger and smaller brains, but they're humans. Is there a smoking gun for evolution? I'm not arguing in favor of Biblical creationism, but ID makes sense to me. A lot of sense in fact

    Hasn't man caused a lot of those extinctions because of his interactions with his environment though? Also in the context of evolution it was my understanding that not all evolution is successful. There are adaptations, mutations and lack there ofs that all die out and only the successful ones live on or change further.

    The other main thing I think you are missing with human beings is that evolution takes a long time, millions of years in fact. Human history really has not been that long to see the kinds of changes you seem to be looking for as a smoking gun. That's my two cents anyway.

  • Geronimo

    Hey Abaddon! Okay, your post is muy bien too, though I'm going to have to look up penotype and genotype and Larkian. The point you made about the Designer needing a Designer if complexity demands a designer: That hit me really hard. Thats an excellent rebuke of the argument. I also can clearly see your point about ID being a trojan horse. I thought so too and I still think so. Yeah, I do check out Talk Origins and I'll keep on doing it. LOL on quantum chromo electrodynamics. You made me laugh. I'm getting more of a sense of the scope of the evidence for evolution. That it comes from all branches of science and at this point is overwellming. Thanks Abaddon! G

  • Mysterious

    Here's a fixed link for the watchmaker thingy. The other one results in a 404. http://www.jhuger.com/watchmaker

  • Geronimo

    Hey Mysterious. I see your point and I think you're probably right. Evolution happens so slow it's not as if I can take a snapshot of it. I was just looking over a site that has quite a few transitional forms on it. Such as the feathered flying lizard, the (gonna try to spell thsi right) archaeopteryx. Some others too. Plus, a fish that breathes on land and scoots around on land has been found! It's still alive not extinct. It breathes water and air and crawls up out of the water and scoots around. It's amazing! There are furry lizards fossils too. All kinds of transitional forms. The ID materials usually don't mention the plethora (ha! a new word!) of these transitional forms. Or they try to explain them away. G

  • Geronimo

    Hey DD! I put all three sections of this site on my favs. Thanks dude. I read a little bit and already can see this is going to be some excellent material. G

  • RunningMan

    Actually, I've posted the whole thing. It only deals with evolution in passing. It has been posted here, just look under my topics. Or, I can email a formatted copy to you, if you PM me your email address.

  • Geronimo

    Hey Acadian! You got it dude. Questions questions questions. But I think I can reach a point that all of my "important" questions are answered one way or the other. Starting this thread was a great idea. I'm read Bishop Spong's book Why Christianity Must Change Or Die. He takes on the classical ideas about God and pretty much shatters them. He's a theistic evolutionist, so maybe that's a good way to hold both ideas. Hey, is that your pic? If so I love the dreads. G

  • greendawn

    Kid A, mankind are one bunch of lucky bastards if evolution produced so many good things for them through sheer chance involving a series of millions of fortunate coincidences. The problem with evolutionists is that they look at things in an excessively rational way, I can never see how evolution would produce brain centres that deal with spirituality and religion if there is no creator, no God.

    There is a rational way of perceiving the world and also a feeling way that you are totally suppressing when dealing with the human origins issue. But both are equally important and equally utilised in perceiving the world. Eg we know that a face is pretty through the feeling perception.

  • gaiagirl

    It is a basic property of matter to assemble itself into complex forms. Take a handful of silicon atoms, and a handful of oxygen atoms, and mix them up. Under the right conditions, you will form beautiful quartz crystals. This is what happens when you mix just TWO different atoms. Imagine what can happen when you mix a couple of dozen types of atoms, under the proper conditions...and imagine this, the same things that happen here on Earth also take place everywhere else in the Universe where conditions are favorable.

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