Evolution still bugs me

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  • Geronimo

    Hey Kudra. I've checked out that site a few times and read quite a bit. You can get lost there. It's a good site though. G

  • nutter

    Actually it is impossible to prove whether we evolved or were created. So rather than waste time trying to prove one or the other, just accept that we probably evolved. We are simply smart animals. Now everything is dead easy. If we are just smart animals, then we cannot possibly forsee the future with any degree of accuracy. Now simply expend some effort to establish if Daniel's prophesies are in any way at all, history in advance. As a smart animal, he should have no information about the future at all. On the other hand, if his prophesies are in any way at all more than coincidental, then you have a smoking gun! A complete nutter.

  • Elsewhere

    For me, I have a hard time seeing anything other than evolution and natural processes as the source of life. When I sit outside to relax and enjoy nature and watch the plants and animals I see all sorts of fascinating equations, fractals and genetic experiments all tied together and interacting in a feedback loop.

    Every time a new organism emerges from its predecessors its genetic code is shuffled around a bit.... a new experiment! Sometimes the new genetic code makes the organism better suited for survival and reproduction. Sometimes the new genetic code makes the organism less capable of survival and/or less able to reproduce. The former are the ones that reproduce and the experiment begins anew.

  • proplog2

    Evolution says we got here without God.

    God says nothing.

  • M.J.

    I'm probably close to where G is at. Interesting thing is I think that natural selection makes a lot of sense in the way necessary traits come to fruition. In a way, dog breeding is a good example of genetic changes that can occur simply through selection of desired traits, and over a relatively short amount of time. It's hard to imagine, but a Chihuahua "evolved" from a wolf. So I don't think it's much of a stretch to think that environmental factors could easily cause a different species to "breed" itself into existence over time.

    I wonder, what about all those gaps in the fossil record I keep hearing about?

  • M.J.

    another question.

    Has there ever been a computer model worth noting that has simulated an evolutionary process...with increasing self-generating complexity through countless iterations of random "genetic" variation?

  • restrangled

    Dear Geronimo,

    I'm with you~!! Before my father died, he had statistics on this. I will not go into it here.


  • kazar


    I am beset and plagued by the same questions as you. I was convinced of the evolution theory before I became a dub-- which of course I had to discard when I became one of Jehovah's Witnesses. I used to pray about it all the time, hoping Jehovah would clear my mind. It never happened. Eventually, the evolution theory dominated my mind even when I was a Witness. I just couldn't find any way out of the dilemma ('though I kept my thoughts to myself.) I still don't know for sure which it is but I try not to think about it lest it drive me insane.

  • jstalin

    All evidence points to evolution - there is no evidence in favor of ID - just conjecture. The fact is that the older fossils are, the less complex the organism that appear. The logical progression of simple, one cell organisms to complex organisms is consistent all through the fossil record. This fact alone is strong evidence in favor of evolution.

    The more genetics is studied, the more clear it becomes that evolution is a fact - otherwise much of even the human genome has no explanation for its existence.

  • AuldSoul


    You might also want to check out the Wadoma (or Vadoma) tribe in the Zambezi river valley of Zimbabwe, Africa.


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