Prepardness and the "Society"...

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  • Justice-One

    Oh I don't feel bad about who and what I am, I just don't want this thread to end up in arguments when some may find this info very important.

    Ok then. I will put together some basic tips and suggestions, along with a list of web-based suppliers tomorrow. Then we can go from there.

  • Justice-One

    Here is a start, and a few of what I consider the most important items.

    Food And Water + … …Here you can find a multitude of products. Including hard red winter wheat “nitro” packed in “Super Pails.” Kept in a cool dry place, this type of wheat should last more than 20 years unopened. Personally I have 300 pounds of wheat on hand.

    Also to be found at the above site, is a Country Living Grain Mill. With this item you can take the wheat and grind it to make bread. This is a VERY fine item, and verges on being over-engineered. – Also the book The Encyclopedia Of Country Living can be found here. … Here can be found many more survival type products, and some very good water filtration units.

    Following are a few more food and water related links … … Non-Hybrid seeds might be very important depending on how long the crisis lasts. … Another general preparedness site that has a little of everything. … Sometimes you can find real deals here on “Squad Sized” MRE’s. … This is a “survival” blog. It may not be your cup of tea, but there is valuable info to be found here, along with some very good links. I know the owner of this Blog personally, and know him to be a good man.

    Now for some general sites that survival items can be found. I have dealt with all of them, and trust them. … aka Brigade Quartermasters …Probably the best suture kit I have ever seen. You may not have the training to use this, but in an emergency you might be able to find a doctor or nurse that does…. who may not have the equipment themselves. This is a very important site. I would at least have a dosimeter handy these days. Personally I have Geiger and Survey meters, the dosimeters, and the instrument that resets them. I also have a stock of Potassium Iodide on hand.

  • Justice-One

    Tomorrow I will try to list what I consider is a few must have books.

  • Justice-One
    Too bad the gov. neglected the national RR system for thousands of cities and rural towns....

    Another problem with the RR system is the fact that when they were built, the commerce centers were in the center of most cities. These areas are now known as the "inner cities" and ridden with crime. It would be very hard to secure box cars in these areas in a SHTF scenario.

  • parakeet

    Thanks, Justice-One. Sometimes you and your guns make me a little crazy, but it's common sense to be prepared for emergencies. Looking forward to your list of books.

  • heathen

    I don't know about flesh eating zombies or alien invasion stuff but with today and the terror crap plus the screwed up weather because of global warming you might take it seriously and be prepared to survive , I think people are getting prepared for when the government finally shows it's true colors and tyranny reigns , I've even heard some marines talking about if asked to bear the mark of the beast , noway , they'd rather face corporal punishment . However I don't think they have a clue what is really going on , since being supportive of the military monster is the same as worship to the beast . IMO

  • Justice-One

    The following are just a sampling of the books that I have in my library. I hope this helps someone.

    Here are some must have books.....

    The Encyclopedia Of Country Living

    Making The Best Of Basics

    The American Red Cross First Aid & Safety Handbook

    US ARMY Special Forces Medical Handbook

    Where There Is No Doctor

    Where There Is No Dentist

    Ditch Medicine

    Medicine For The Outdoors

    The Merch Manual

    Physicians Desk Reference

    Back To Basics (Readers Digest)

    The Medicinal Herbal

    Some would say (but may be fewer all the time) that the following are on the "paranoid" side....

    Nuclear War Survival Skills

    The Effects Of Nuclear Weapons

    Emergency War Surgery

    And here are some nice to haves...

    Mountainman Crafts & Skills

    Handy Farm Devices

    Bostons Gun Bible (Sorry, I just had to slip this one in)

    The Book Of Five Rings (Teaches the mindset of survival)

    Real World Self Defense

    Now I would like to add a few more for my "paranoid" friends. Please feel free to stop here and read no further.........................................................................



    OK, here we were warned.

    Kill Or Get Killed by Rex Applegate (Mr Applegate was basically the one that came up with the hand to hand methods used in WW2)

    Patriots Surviving The Coming Colapse (A "survival manual" wrapped around a fictional story.)

    Basic Butchering Of Livestock and Game

    The Survivor Series

    Sun Tzu on The Art Of War

    Survival Guns

    And last but not least....

    To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth.

  • daniel-p
    Sun Tzu on The Art Of War

    I don't know about the others, but this is certainly not a "paranoid" manual by any means. Many people use this book for a lot of purposes, including white-collar college students ;)


    Living in earthquake country I have prepared for a minimum of 3 days without food, water, power and gas. The funny thing is that I am not rich, nor white, nor do I have a post secondary degree (yet), but I realize that there are somethings that are not the government's responsibility. They're mine.

    Preparedness is best, just ask those poor souls in New Orleans.

  • rebel8

    Learned in a national emergency preparedness seminar:

    If you work or live in a place that does not have easy access to ground level, bring sneakers with you. Twin Towers workers learned the hard way--some of them had high heels on and had difficulty evacuating down all those stairs.

    Consider using national pharmacies and banks instead of small local ones, so you can access your medications and $ in case of evacuation. Katrina victims learned the hard way.

    Identify a person who will know your whereabouts in case of emergencies--someone who does not live nearby, who would probably not be affected by the same disaster affecting you. Then give that person's contact info to your doctor if you have a rare medical condition, so he/she can get in touch to ensure you are getting the care you need.

    Keep a bag packed in case you need to quickly evacuate, containing: your medical records & a list of all medical problems past/present & your physicians and how to contact them--in a sealed plastic bag (waterproof), extra supply of medications, first aid kit, instant ice pack, change of clothes, water, snacks, batteries, battery-operated flashlight and radio, battery-operated cell phone charger, copies of important papers (birth cert., etc.), $, and whistle. (Whistle because your voice can tire while screaming for help for long periods of time--another takeaway from Katrina.)

    Anyone could potentially need to evacuate on short notice--house fire, chemical spill, etc.

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