Prepardness and the "Society"...

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  • Justice-One

    You know the "society" actually has something with this prepardness thing. They just don't have a clue on what to tell people to do or buy. I do NOT want to come off like a know it all, (I'm far from that....I'm still learning) but would anyone be interested in a thread that does NOT mention firearms (IMHO they are important, but to much of a hot-button topic) on prepardness? If so, what forum should it be in? I might be able to help someone who wants to prepare, with places to buy the right stuff cheap and of high quality. But I really do not want to again have to defend myself for being a "paranoid survivalist." After all, we do have feelings.

    Keep in mind that even FEMA is saying you should have supplies on hand.

  • earthtone

    Being prepared for what exactly?

  • Justice-One

    You mean besides TEOTWAWKI? (The End Of The World As We Know It.)

    Well, let's see.....earthquakes, Tsunami's, Hurricanes, Dirty Bombs? Just about anything that would cause at least a temporary breakdown in government services.

  • earthtone

    I'm interested. What you got?

  • Arthur

    Does anybody remember how the Society, many years ago, encouraged us to hide literature around our house? This was suggested, so that when the day comes that we come under ban here in the U.S., that we would have some "spiritual food" left after the authorites confiscated all of our literature?

    Yes sir, what timely advice that was! Today, in an age where Al Qaeda cells are popping up all over Western countries, the Department of Homeland Security has made the confiscation all of those Young People Ask books a top priority !

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    Clyde and I are also interested.

    Ever since we were married, Clyde and I have believed in being prepared--not for Armageddon, but for being self-sufficient in case a local catastrophe causes things to break down. Clyde remembers many power outages in the area where he grew up. We both remember a snow storn where we weren't able to dig out for four days. Clyde says that even a trucker's strike could close the grocery stores in two or three days.

    Having extra cans of food on your shelf, if you have room for them in your house, doesn't hurt anybody. They can be dated, rotated and used so that it doesn't really cost extra money in the long run.

    The Mormons believe in being prepared, and that is the only reason Clyde and I took the time to talk to them when they came to our house. Don't believe in anything else they teach.

    BTW, being prepared in my estimation is NOT the same as hoarding.

  • heathen

    I think hoarding would be more like if people were going hungry while you had a secret supply of food for yourself only .It's not hoarding if you plan to share with family and loved ones in time of crisis . I admit we could live off our cupboard for a couple of days if need be but we never planned for disaster just stuff in cans that sits there until we eat it , like tuna fish . We certainly wouldn't be having a feast . I think peanut butter is a good thing to have on hand maybe some crackers . canned soups and such with vegetables are good to have on hand .

  • daniel-p
    Clyde says that even a trucker's strike could close the grocery stores in two or three days.

    In the event of an national emergency, they would not be allowed to strike, as the government would be in extreme danger of collapsing with 300 million people hungry and no access to food. You can see how they forbide certain unions to go on strike... most recently airline workers. In any case, without trucks, this nation is $^%&@#. Too bad the gov. neglected the national RR system for thousands of cities and rural towns....

  • daniel-p

    On the subject of stocking up on food, I suppose all those crazy hoarding old JW sisters are finally vindicated!! lol

  • SirNose586
    But I really do not want to again have to defend myself for being a "paranoid survivalist." After all, we do have feelings.

    Why feel bad about being a paranoid survivalist? When the zombies rise up in search of brains, or when the Liberals rise up and overthrow government (as Rush and Michael Medved tell me they are trying to do everyday), you'll be the only one who's ready! Take pride in it.

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