A Friend Just Asked Me Why His JW Family Is Stocking Up On Food......

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  • FlyingHighNow
    back before 1975 there was a local elder who was stockpiling bags of beans and rice and other things he considered to be essentials. i often wonder what happened to all of that....whether he eventually made use of his stockpile or if it went to rats or mildew and mold or whatever......

    Ewwww, rice and pasta get those weavels in them after they sit long enough. Gross.

  • mkr32208

    Well on the plus side after all this BS blows over the witnesses can use all the non-perishable food that they've collected to help with the semi annual watchtower charity food drive right!? I mean they DO have an annual food drive for the homeless right? Right?

  • undercover

    [yoda voice]Masters of fear and guilt...the WTS is[yoda voice]

    The WTS was able to take reasonable, sound advice that has already been broadcast by other agencies, put it in the form of a letter to the congregations and without saying another word about it, cause a buzz about what the near future holds.

    Despite their knack of poor decisions in the last few years, this one was masterful. They didn't do anything but tell people to be prepared for natural disasters and then they sat back and let their followers imaginations run wild. It's genius because you can't fault them for it. They gave good advice for dealing with natural disasters. If you have to find fault, you have to fault the people who read into the letter more than what was said. It's genius because anyone who wants to find fault with them for this letter comes out looking like an evil apostate grasping at straws in criticizing the organization.

  • juni

    Hi undercover.

    So right you are. I never thought of it this way. Boy you are perceptive to their drival!


  • Finally-Free

    So, are they in fact implying that Jehovah may not have the ability or the desire to provide sustenance for his people?

    Oops, sorry! They're not his people, are they?

    Silly me.


  • LongHairGal

    Never mind the lack of trust in Jehovah.

    What happens if there is a real emergency and anarchy in the streets, Katrina style, and you are not around to guard your stock of food and supplies?

    What then?


  • wozadummy

    If this warning of preparedness is "food at the proper time" then how come they did'nt warn the poor brothers before Katrina hit? Or was this a case of those poor brothers being set up as collateral damage by Jehovah as a "parallel" "prefigurement" of the future?

    This crap must have gone on pre 1975 as I remember my 1st wifes mother storing flour and rice in large quantities then. I agree that it's a cunning Watchtower use of recent bad circumstances to bolster fear and pre disaster excitement in the ranks!

  • Honesty

    Gotta get busy...

    Gotta get busy...

    Gotta get busy...

  • nutter

    I have heard Peanuts are nutrious. Oranges are nice, but you cannot beat a sensible supply of nuts. There does not seem to be a shortage of them here, so you should be fine. The Nutter.

  • nutter

    Does anyone know what would be a good 'sell by date' to go for? Do nuts have a longer shelf life, or should I buy beans.

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