A Friend Just Asked Me Why His JW Family Is Stocking Up On Food......

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  • minimus

    Maybe they can store some really good drugs and make believe they're in paradise.

  • juni

    They did this back before the 1975 date also. My thought was: if there are shortages people will know where to come and some aren't going to be too nice. Think of all of the wasted food items.


  • katiekitten
    when the infrastructure of banking, transportation, and communications are down

    Its definately gonna happen then? Id better get a stock of bog roll in my attic. I could do without food, but not without ass wipe.

  • Asheron


    I admire your thinking.

    (Asheron dashes off to the local store to buy cartons of Camel and cases of Vodka)

    If the end doesnt come by Tuesday you are all invited to my place for a Vodka and smoke party

  • serendipity

    I'd think toilet paper, soap, other hygiene products and caffeine would be as good as gold too.

  • Asheron

    Would gold be as good as gold?

  • Mysterious

    Can you eat gold? Can gold make you drunk? Can you wipe your ass with gold? Nope I think not. =D

  • Justice-One

    In a true SHTF type situation, there would be probably very little you could not barter for with .22 Long Rifle ammo. But hootch and smokes are always a good bet too.

    BTW, in the first phases of a SHTF type situation, gold and silver will not be worth much if anything. You can't eat it, or drink it, and it can't keep you warm and dry.

  • Asheron

    Should we stock up on Goldschlager??? cover both bases so to speal lol

  • Saoirse

    My JW father-in-law has about 500 rolls of toilet paper in his garage. I figured he was stockpiling it for the entire congregation.

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