Another win!

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  • truthsetsonefree

    Well I just got another one. My wife. Which means I can begin fading. She told me last night that she has decided to leave the religion.

  • rebel8

    That's awesome! Freedom is great.

  • jason bourne
    jason bourne

    I haven't DA'd or been DF'd..........just inactive.......I wish someone would give me might make me do something brave!!! I have family in the Borg though.......I don't know....

  • thecarpenter

    Good for you Truthsetonefree. She sounds like a smart woman ;D

    hey jason, here is the amazon location of the book 'Crisis of Conscience'

    Here is the location for Steve Hassan's books 'Combatting Cult Mind Control'

    Also by Steven Hassan 'Releasing the Bonds'

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Good Morning All, & Happy Monday!!

    Dear AuldSoul, Congratulations! That is really great! I especially appreciated the lines of reasoning you and your friends are using when they want to attack the messenger and not the message! My friend countered with a illustration of what a ad hominem logic fallacy is. He said that if two politicians were debating about crime and one politician called the other a drunk and womanizer, that is a ad hominem attack because it attacks the other person but doesn't address the issue that was raised. The society does this all the time when they label something or someone apostate. They don't always address the issue that was raised but seek to divert peoples attention by the label. The jdub he spoke to opened his eyes wide when he heard this and became quiet. He then started asking more questions about the Borg. Thank you for sharing!

    Dear Done4Good, Keep up the good work and keep us posted how it is going!

    Dear Fullofdoubtnow, Please give Marion our regards, and encourage her to come onto the forum for encouragement. If she hasn't already, have her check out "Watchtower Research", It was VERY helpful to me as I was leaving. Tell her to stand firm!

    Dear Hubert, Hang in there!! Please don't give up on her! My parents tried and tried to talk to me without any sucess for 2 years! But eventually something must have clicked that they had said, and then one day all because of a movie, it caused me to begin questioning things, and now my husband who was a MS and my daughter are all out! If you havn't already, please read my story on my first post, entitled "It's high time I introduce myself". It may be of encouragement to you!

    Dear Truthsetonefree, I am so.. happy for you!! Now you can support one another on your journey out! Again, we are thrilled!

    Dear JasonBourne, I am glad you want to read Crisis of Conscience! You won't be sorry you did. It is excellent reading, and you won't be able to put it daown. Also, it is not a book of "slamming" the organization as many are told and believe. It is a book that is done from a matter of fact angle, and is very easy for one to read if they are not sure what to believe yet. I suggest going to the library and try to check it out. They may have to order it from another library, but it is definately a "must read"!!


    Lady Liberty

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