Anybody interested in Judah Ben Schroeder? Here's two links. See if you can find who Judah works for. The info is in the first link.

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  • JWdaughter
    Works in NY as a worker with a vow of poverty and has a really big closet in Florida. Always been in the Borg. So, where does he get his money for the house in Florida, the watch and the closet? When I was in, I heard they got $14 a month + room and board. I dont imagine they get a mortgage worthy stipend these days.
  • blondie
    No they have been getting more than $14 a month for awhile, $100 divided up into 3 categories (probably more since I am out for 14 years). Rank and file jws love buying things for poor Bethelites with contacts and advertising them to other jws.
  • sir82

    So, where does he get his money for the house in Florida, the watch and the closet?

    He married into money.

  • WingCommander

    I love how the internet, YouTube, and the like are exposing these people for the bunch of hypocritical, two-faced con-artists that they are.

    So here we (and everyone else) can plainly see the hypocrisy and money-grubbing behavior of one of the WT "hierarchy" and how they behave. The rules do not apply to them, and it is becoming blaringly obvious.

    Judah Ben Schroeder is able to go to University (Columbia U), then off to get a fancy law degree, (anyone else would be marked and cast out as worldly association) marry another educated JW woman (gasp) who's family just happens to be $$ LOADED $$ and unlike the other rank and file Bethelites, he gets to have a nice house in Florida, & Rolex Submariner (must be an elite WT boys club thing) and have everyone kiss his white flabby azz because his daddy was on the GB 1.0.

    Like Church Lady used to say, "Well.....isn't that SPECIAL?????"

    I am so much more disgusted with this evil, backstabbing, money-making CULT in the last say....YEAR, because I have been able to actually see videos of these moronic clowns and see how they behave and act, then I ever was when I was a child and they were merely anonymous puppet-masters of our faith.

  • NewYork44M

    Judah is listed as a board member for Jah-Jireh Homes of America in 2012, although his name is missing on the IRS 990 report for 2013. You can get a copy of the full report from

  • sir82

    Based on what I recall from this site, Dale Baker on line 6 is the auto dealer father-in-law of Judah. When i wrote that JBS "married into money", that is the money he married into.

    I don't recognize any of the other names, but my hunch is that all of them are worth several million each.

  • millie210

    A few more of the profiteers listed on the website of the group mentioned above.

    LARRY ANDREWS, Jersey Shore, PA
    DAVID BREWINGTON, Philadelphia, PA
    IN-SOO CHO, Pittsburgh, PA
    GREGORY GROVE, Atlanta, GA
    DARBIN T. SKEANS, (Chairman) Allentown, PA
    TODD STEIN, Bellefonte, PA
    CHRIS WEINING, Buckingham, PA
    NATHAN WONG, Honolulu, HI
    ROB WOOD, Phoenixville, PA
    DAVID WYLLIE, Quakertown, PA

  • DesirousOfChange

    These are shrewd business people. Millionaires. Lawyers. They are surely too f***ing smart to be genuine "believers". I would suspect they have multitudes of JWs working for them and make shitloads of money off of JWs as customers too.


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