Anybody interested in Judah Ben Schroeder? Here's two links. See if you can find who Judah works for. The info is in the first link.

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  • HappyDad


    I attended a congregation very near Kennywood Park (the roller coaster capital of the world) until we built a new one in 1990 by the county airport.


  • jwleaks
    Mmmm, bit of nepotism me thinks. Of course for nepotism to exist someone like, say the President of the Watch Tower Society, would also have to have a son who is a Watchtower attorney, just like Albert Schroeder of the GB. This would meet the "two witness" requirement.
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I was in the same entrance school at Bethel for Bethelites with Judah and his mom(dad also attended for about 2 times) and Joel Adams was the instructor.

    Yeah he's got quite a beer belly from when I remember him and lots less hair.

  • WingCommander
    Can you believe it? This guy (like many on the GB recently) is wearing a $9000.00 USD two-tone Rolex Submariner watch. These guys really are living high off of the hog, aren't they? I am so disgusted with the level of comfort these scumbags live in that I could spit. All the while, they look down their noses at people that actually work for a living and have a nice car, house, take vacations, etc. Freakin' hypocrites!
  • blondie
    Is he married? (Not looking)
  • millie210

    Yep. Apparently married some woman named Amber. They both have pursued higher education and she writes somewhat apologetically about her degree taking "so long" in a bio for a high school (?) reunion.

    So yeah, Amber is married to mister "catch of the day" and lives in NYC and attended uni and has a degree as does her "catch" and travels the world.

    Apparently high school peeps and what they think is also very impt to Amber.

    Anyone want to circle how many of the above things were held out as unreachably wrong for the rest of us?

    P.S. I dont see her being interviewed anytime soon on Borg TV.

    The aristocracy should not needlessly irritate the peasants....

  • ToesUp
    Once again....Hypocrisy 101!
  • DesirousOfChange


    1) I thought I read that Judah had never completed law school?

    2) Is his wife the daughter of the "brother" who had the car leasing program for the COs (a millionaire). Smart guy that Judah, always fall in love with a rich woman.

    3) Was there something posted here about Judah & his FIL establishing a senior living complex (perhaps for JW who could afford much)?


  • Ignoranceisbliss
    Amber comes from a rich family who owns car dealerships in Grand Rapids Michigan. I'm not sure what they are called. They are the ones the borg has used for CO leases in the past.
  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Magwithch is right he has aged!!! a ton. I remember eating lunch at his table with is dad during open seating when we were at Bethel. I was never into worshiping the GB and so they both meant nothing to me they were just people that happened to sit at my lunch table. His dad kept asking me about where I came from and logging as it was a hot topic at the time with the spotted owl thing. I do not remember Judah even speaking to me at that time. I was just not that impressed with either of them they were just people.

    It just seems so unfair that he was allowed to go to college and yet when I came back from Bethel I was rebuked and slammed for taking class that my job paid for. After all I was an elder's wife and I should be setting the example as the systems end was so close why did I need any college education?

    I guess that did't apply to Judah.


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