Can anyone find anything wrong with this?

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  • Swamboozled
    I'm sure Agapa has always been the sort of JW that most JWs look upon as weak and really not one of them.

    If that's the case...then I hope agape can learn something here and free him/herself from that aweful org that makes people feel like crap. If he/she is an apologist that I welcome the comments as well as they do help us xjw's see where we came from and is a constant reminder as to why we left. I take issue with remarks that he/she makes on the threads of others needing support.

  • okie46

    Swamboozled, YOU GO GIRL!!!!

    Yes Agapa that you keep trying to shove this watchtower crap we left down our throats. As if it will make us go back? What is the point? You turn more people off than attract them back.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    They erroneously ASSume that those biblical terms apply to them and their followers, while they gleefully terrorize and harshly treat their "Flock'D."

  • freetosee


    I think you know you will not find many to agree with you here. You may also have noticed the most posters here are very well familiar with the WT teachings. The WT is forever changing it’s "present truth" so if you ‘wait on Jehovah’ maybe the FDS will soon tell you what is wrong with this. Remember 1975 or "the 1914 generation". If you have doubts in the today’s text speak to one of your elders and ask him to support you. Are you really convinced that you are in the truth? Do you believe that Jesus appointed the FDS and you need to follow and trust that class?

    I want to believe that you genuinely want to help "lost sheep" to find their way back to the organization, but I doubt this approach will work.

    When I was an active jw I was happy to help many come back to the meeting, go in FS and comment at meetings. To my surprise I was faced with envy and enmity of some of the elders because of my success. I never used scar tactics or pressure. What worked was genuine concern. I honestly believed to be doing the right and best thing. Today I know better. But I’m not sure about what you are doing here. What is you motive? Would you like to give a comment on the text?

    You are one against many here, so may I suggest you carefully find someone in you congregation (not elder -you know why) to work together with you. Working in twos is a long-time jw method. What do you think?


  • Honesty
    This invincible "King of kings" will rescue Jehovah’s loyal worshipers and annihilate all their enemies. (Rev. 19:11-21)

    The rest were killed with the sword that came from the mouth of the rider on the horse, and all the birds were filled with their flesh. Rev 19:21

    Don’t fear those who kill the body but are not able to kill the soul; rather, fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell . Matt 10:28

    That's one thing the Witchtower got wrong.

  • BrendaCloutier

    Poorly written sci-fi fantasy. Try some Stephen King instead.

  • the goldencalf
    the goldencalf

    i like the fact that anyone is allowed to participate in this forum, without prejudice. it's refreshing to know that actual truth fears nothing and doesn't need to be sequestered from outside influence. the real question to 'agapa' becomes: what is lacking in your life that you feel the need to have dialogue here with people whom your "god-broker", (the WBTS) does not allow you to? they don't think you are capable of defending the faith they have instructed you to uphold, and they are probably right. why do you cling to an organization obsessed with rules that even YOU aren't willing to abide by? if you are visiting this forum to offer help and direction, why should anyone here be motivated to listen to you when you are betraying the very organization and "brotherhood" you claim to endorse just by being here? didn't you know that free thought is a serious threat to the fragile house of cards you are still apparently able to partially stomach? i'm sure if you're very, very quiet, you can still sneak back in to your warm windowless seat at the hall without your kind, christlike (my mistake) noticing. i won't tell. you don't want to have to start making actual decisions regarding your 'personal relationship' with god now, do you? do yourself a favor and be a good publisher, get back in line and do what your told. stop allowing your mind to try to construct a rationale for your beliefs besides an endless supply of faith. the governing body and slave class have already done all the thinking for you! you are so lucky! all you need to focus on is getting your field service report in on time, donating generously to the worldwide work, reading the always fascinating literature while taking a dump, and attempting to stay awake at the meetings. it's truly comforting to know the kingdom halls are still holding meetings, since there aren't enough mental hospitals to go around. a blessing from above, no doubt! i'm sure i've ranted more than my share, but i do thank you, 'agapa', as you have reaffirmed my personal conviction in the manner of prov 27:17. your situation makes me sad as it reminds me of my wasted youth and the loss of my family and childhood for being born into a stifling, 'one option', exemplary household. funny how the lowly flock gets regularly hammered for their imperfect tendencies, while there is absolutely NO accountability for agredious errors done by the hand of those calling the shots, interpreting scripture and (allegedly) relaying god's will to the world. they don't make mistakes, but rather, "the light get's brighter and brighter as the end draws near." i would imagine anyone who's been hit by a train would say the same thing. 'agapa's situation reminds me of a joke: Q. why do you always take 2 JW's fishing with you? A. if you only bring one, he'll drink all your beer. look into the buddy system, agapa. i only brought a 12 pack.

  • magoo

    anyone noticed how much agapa's style is like defd's style. attention seeker,doesn't seem to care what the elders think,"they are not MY leaders." used to say that ALL the time


  • parakeet

    ***In his role as Gog of Magog, Satan will launch an all-out attack against Jehovah’s peaceful Witnesses.***
    There's no Gog, no Magog, no Satan, and no Jehovah.
    Unfortunately, there are plenty of Witnesses and trolls.

  • Geronimo

    Hi Swan! Yeah that's definitely WTS crud all right! Geronimo, of the 'Which way to the vomitarium" class.

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