The Bastard told on my dad

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  • Scully

    So the elders are basically saying that you and your mom can't associate either? That's bull crap. You're out. She's out. Your dad and mom are a package deal and the elders can't stop them from associating with each other. If he goes someplace with your mom, and you are going there with your mom, the elders are putting their noses where it doesn't belong. All he has to say is that he is not speaking with you and that would satisfy their idiotic rules. There is NOTHING that says that he has to become a recluse in order to avoid associating with you, when you and your mom have every right to do so.

    Your non-JW relatives have put your dad on notice that if he shuns you, then they will shun him.

    Your dad is being painted into a corner by the elders. It's getting smaller and smaller, and pretty soon he's going to have to choose to be DFd by the JWs or be DFd by family. It all depends on whose love means more to him. Surely he is learning that JW Loveā„¢ cannot replace the love of your family.

  • garybuss

    You wrote: "I could punch the stupid bro right on the nose."And I could punch your dad out, and kick your mom in the ass for letting him snub you. The elders are not at fault. Shame on your parents.
    Anyone who enables a shunner is a shunner. I'd say goodbye to the whole lot.

  • DaCheech

    Last week at the Kingdom hall the following happened to me:

    As I was reading the stuff on the bulletin board, I noticed a letter addressed to the elder body.... As the meeting went on, I noticed none of the elders opened the letter.... So I opened it myself.

    It seems like an anonymous person was ratting a certain someone in my congo, saying that this brother had been seen down the shore with a worldly girl.... I immediately ripped up the letter, and threw it in my own trash

    what rats!!!

  • katiekitten

    Oh well done Da Cheech. I think the force was strong with you that evening.

    You will soon find out who it is wanted to rat, cos somebodys gonna start complaining that 'the elders dont do anything about anything when you tell them something'.

  • Quandry

    I am also sorry that you were hurt, but am of the same opinion that maybe this guy has done your dad a favor.

    He is really upsetting your entire family.

    He is, in effect, trying to usurp your dad's headship over his wife. The elders are doing the same thing. They are telling your mom who she can associate with, and letting your dad know that if you and your mom are together, he must stay at home by himself or risk disfellowshipping, or he must demand that she does not associate with you, either.

    Let them continue to squeeze him in this way. As with others that have been on this forum can attest, the treatment of your dad and ultimatums to him may backfire.

  • candidlynuts

    this is why russia banned jw's.. it breaks up families.

  • loosie
    I'm pretty sure I saw the bro snap a picture of us all from far away

    Don't things like this make you want to follow that so called brother around and sanp of picture of him going into a liquor store to buy a porn magazine?

  • BrendaCloutier

    (((( LilCurly)))) So your dad was ratted out by one of his best friends huh?

    Have you had an opportunity to point this out to him and show him just how loving the provision of disfellowshipping and shunning of family memebers is?

    How he can't even trust any of his friends in the congregation?

    I'm sorry for the roiling BS again, but this just might turn out for the better if your dad get's his eyes pried open - by the loving elders even!



  • Mary
    agapa37 said: If my daughter just left because she doesn't believe anymore, than fine. Me nor anyone else cannot force someone to Worship God. I would be able to except that and still have a loving relationship with her as I do now. But, if she were to leave and start dogging God and the way He is worshipped by us and speak negatively about Him to others and how we are a cult and the whole nine yards, then I would probably curb my associaiton with her. I would be very sad and hurt but It would be something I would have to do.

    Oh for crissakes......what a DUMB, STUPID thing to say and I'll tell you why: Didn't Jesus "speak negatively" about the Pharisees and way they were worshipping Jehovah? Didn't he bring it all out in the open, the hypocrisy, the endless man made rules that they burdened the everyday Jew with? Didn't he expose the fact that they were fanatically worried about stupid little irrevalant things that made absolutely no difference, but they neglected to show compassion and love?

    So was Jesus an "apostate" or was he simply trying to expose the fact that these religious leaders who claimed to have the "truth" and worshipped Jehovah, were a bunch of thugs who were high on an power trip? And how did the Pharisees react? Rather than answer his accusations (because they knew full well that he was telling the truth about them), they branded him a "trouble maker" and warned everyone not to listen to him.

    And how do the Witnesses react whenever someone makes a truthful accusation about them or their endless man made rules and false prophecies? They react the exact same way that the Pharisees did: they ignore the accusation, label the person a trouble maker and tell all the Witnesses not to listen to them. Your ridiculous and pathetic comment above, shows you are no different and no better than what the Pharisees were.....get your head out of your ass and wake up and see this "religion" for what it really is: a destructive cult.

  • KW13

    Your right mary, the Society are like the religious leaders from them days.

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