I must have "contagious disease" stamped on..............

by ButtLight 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • Mysterious

    Skully that is the best advice ever! Seriously put the jackass on the spot and make him sweat. He's the one who is going to end up looking ridiculous in public.

  • Moomin

    oh so you are jh. As bf meant boyfriend I was wondering what jh stood for. :)

  • ButtLight

    Oh man, the birthday cake would have been so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's against his religion for him to talk to you. It isn't against your religion to talk to him. Don't ever forget that!! You're free now!!

    Well, the funny thing is, when the jc meeting was over, they said "anytime" you want to talk to any one of us you can! ???????

  • Finally-Free
    They were trying to get as far away from me as possible!


    Why would you want them near you? They're the ones who are diseased, not you. They're just too stupid to see it.

    After I flush my morning shit I don't think about it anymore. Treat them the same way.


  • JH

    Although I'm not DF'd, if I went to a restaurant around here and saw an elder, I'm sure I'd get that strange "look". That "look" which means, "you know I'm right and your doing wrong".

  • crazyblondeb

    Not long after I had been df'd two couples, whose husbands were MS's were at the same bar I was. It was 30 miles from home. Guess they thought they could hide. I had to sent them over some drinks. I didn't even get a thank you! Imagine that!

  • anewme

    That sure was an uncomfortable evening for you Buttlight. I have been sucessful the last two times I have seen witnesses in the store to just ignore them and they me. That felt good and far less emotional.

  • beautifulisfree

    Dang it Butt!!! You should of called me up...I would of came down there. You know I want to get disfellowshiped!! It would be soo cool to be DFed for 'hanging' out with you

  • Sunspot

    What IS IT with the super-rude staring ???? I've had it done to me, most recently by two elder's wives together in WalMart. They not only stared---they both had hateful and very smug sneers on their faces .You'd think I had been on America's Most Wanted or something!

    THEY know it's rude and I know it's rude----but that doesn't stop these "christlike" people in the least. I wish I could have walked up and smacked them both! Someday.....I just might. heeheeheehee.....



  • Poztate
    One thing I would love to do to @$$holes like that is to call the waiter over and tell them that you want to send a surprise Birthday Cake and get the staff to sing "Happy Birthday" to the JW @$$holes over there.

    It would be so worth the $5 for the cake. And to get photographs of the incident would be priceless.

    Skully...Loved it...Send a digital photo to every dub you knew and let them try to explain their way out of it. It's nice if we can make them sweat once in a while..

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