I must have "contagious disease" stamped on..............

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  • ButtLight

    No, not my forehead, the back of my head!

    So, Me, my bf, and Jh decided to go to Applebee's for din din on Monday night. There are only two smoking tables near the bar, which we took one. Everything else is non smoking except at the bar.

    So Im sitting with my back pretty much towards the whole place, and my bf says "oh oh, your buddy is here!" I start to turn around to look and he says "NO, dont look, he's looking at you!" So I wait while he tells jh which guy it is. Jh looks, and says yep, he is looking. Then he says, now his wife is looking! Well, I finally turn around, and here its the elder who df'ed me. So for about 5 minutes, all I hear is "they are looking at you again!"

    Next thing you know, they ask the waitress to move them to a differnt table!! I said maybe the smoke from the bar is bugging them. NOPE, nobody at the bar, and the table behind them was empty too! They were trying to get as far away from me as possible! Gee, they were far away already!

    Now, unless I am drinking, I dont have the courage at all to speak my mind about somethink like that. And no, I didnt have enough in me to confront them. But, I did go to the bathroom, which I could see him watching me. So when I came out, we were doing one of those old western staredowns, too bad my pistol wasnt loaded, I mean me! I never looked away, which I know he was expecting! (hang your head in shame!) As a matter of fact, I almost ran into the wall, staring and giving him a dirty look.

    They were sitting by a window, and when we left, I knew they were watching us, so all together, we turned around, smiled, and waved! lmao


  • Scully

    One thing I would love to do to @$$holes like that is to call the waiter over and tell them that you want to send a surprise Birthday Cake and get the staff to sing "Happy Birthday" to the JW @$$holes over there.

    It would be so worth the $5 for the cake. And to get photographs of the incident would be priceless.

    BTW: Since you are DFd, you could have gone up to him and said "Hi how are you?? So nice to see you!!" and let him know just how great your life is now. It's against his religion for him to talk to you. It isn't against your religion to talk to him. Don't ever forget that!! You're free now!!

  • stillajwexelder

    you should have gone up and kissed him on the forehead - that would have made his wife fume

  • ButtLight

    The funny thing is, we were sitting there thinking of ideas, and when we came up with them, we chickened out lmao

    First, we were going to pay for their tab, and have the waitress point to us.

    Then we thought about buying them a drink!

    Damn, of all the nights to be sober!!!

  • candidlynuts

    well! how rude...

    technically they still " ate" with you... they stayed in the same resturant!! call a committee!!!!

  • Crumpet
    you should have gone up and kissed him on the forehead - that would have made his wife fume

    Methinks you have ulterior motives giving out this non elderly advice!

  • fullofdoubtnow
    you should have gone up and kissed him on the forehead - that would have made his wife fume

    Yeah, and had one of the guys take a pic of it, and post it on here.

  • Moomin

    Hi Buttlight - That's so funny, What is a jh? What did they do after you all waved at them? Haha funny thread.

  • JH
    What is a jh?

  • whyamihere

    I should have been there, now that would have been something to see!

    Nobody, looks at my A$$(Buttlight) without my permission!

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