How Accurate is Your Bull$h!t Detector?

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  • Mulan
    my BS detector is not good - in many ways I am too naive and trusting. I just like people too much.

    That's me too. Dave, on the other hand, has an overly sensitive BS detector. That's one of his favorite expressions, by the way. He senses bullshit, when there is none to sense.

  • minimus

    I am a very good judge of character. Every once in a while I see pretenders on this site looking for help, answers and even $$. I think it's fairly easy to see if someone has the "ring of truth".

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Mine's a lot more finely - tuned than it used to be. I can generally tell the difference nowadays between the genuine and not - so - genuine people I come in contact with.

    I must have forgotten to switch it on the day the jws called.

  • diamondblue1974

    My detector is constantly switched on to be honest and I can normally tell when someone is spinning me a line, I can usually sniff an agenda a mile away too which working in the industry I do is useful.

    Useful tool to have in your ministry bag is a bullsh*t detector!


  • anewme

    I have been naive and trusting and it has cost me. I have spent my entire life clueless about other people male and female and their motives and intentions.
    This may sound incredible and naive again to say that JWD has helped me immensely to develop my thinking skills and detect and determine a friend or foe here on JWD.
    I still have not developed my yellow alert. But the orange alert is getting better and definitely the red alert is working.

    My criteria goes something like this: Do they want any money from me? Red alert.
    Are they yelling at me? Red Alert!
    Are they staring at my breasts? Red alert.
    Are they ordering me around and telling me what to do? Red.
    Are they trying to make me feel guilty, sinful? Red

    Are they talking too much,cutting me off, interrupting? Orange
    Are they throwing in too many sexual references? Orange
    Do they ask very personal questions and want info? Orange
    Are they too familiar too fast? Orange

    Do they make very black and white statements? yellow
    Do they show a lack of manners, snobby? yellow
    Do they speak prejudiciously? yellow
    Do they belong to a fundamentalist religion? yellow

    Honest to God I had no personal defense mechanism in place before JWD. So I was open to being attacked, hurt,deceived, tricked. I was so programmed by the borg. I took the naivety to the extreme and trusted God to deliver me from all evil. When I left the borg I felt I was from another planet. Dealing with people for the first time was very treacherous. After a year on this board I am finally feeling comfortable in the world and fairly smart about people in general. I do thank Scully and Blondie and Leolaia and Serendipity, and Mouthy and Lady Lee and many of the men here too for the excellent training in speaking up and thinking for myself.

    Thankyou for reading this,


  • juni
    I believe mine to be very accurate. However, I usually have the tendency to give them the benefit of the doubt. It is my way of showing them patience while giving them a second chance to be honest. It also gives me a deeper "read" of the person. I too, am imperfect and will be grateful if someone would give me the benefit of the doubt and to allow me to rectify any wrongs that I may have purposely slipped in

    That's how I am Alligator.


  • lovelylil

    Since leaving the Tower, I have given my BS detector a major overhaul. It is now working close to 100% accurate. And I live by these guidelines faithfully:

    Trust No One! At least not until you have known them and all they are about for a very long time. Why I trusted two complete strangers at my door I will never understand. It must have been the depression or lonliness but I will NEVER trust strangers again.

    Don't talk to strangers - same reason as above

    If it sounds too good to be true - it is! - I should have laughed at the fact that there is a such thing as perfect people, with perfect knowledge, living in a perfect paradise.

    Also - I now have a new sign on my door and will put in on my new homes door too and told my kids to do the same when they grow up: It reads "ABSOLUTELY NO JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES ALLOWED" Lilly

  • Twitch

    Didn't have one as a dub, natch

    It took some time after leaving to develop. Got burned enough times I suppose. Sad but true fact of this world. But I bought the ticket.

    These days it's a little hypersensitive and needs some tweaking. Works pretty good in general.

    I like the alert analogy. I tend to mix logic of statements and reasoning with the getting a "read" on the person, physically speaking. Body language says a lot. Of course, natural born liars are tough to spot. That's when you rely on instinct.

    Sometimes I like to have some fun with the lesser types of bs artists you meet from time to time. When in Rome,..... ;-)

  • apfergus

    It doesn't sound exactly like the same kind of Bull$hit you're referring to, but there's an essay by Carl Sagan which can be found in his book The Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark about how to improve one's baloney detection skills. It touches on all the common logical falacies and how to spot them. A very good read for anyone interested in not getting caught in another web like the WTBTS.

  • katiekitten

    I can tell when an 11 to 16 yr old is spinning me a yarn because their lips move and they call me Miss.

    Apart from that my BS detector is generally OK but it shorts out of the person is good looking. A pretty woman or a handsome man just cant lie in my book. Specially if they are telling me something I always suspected was true, like how ive lost weight, or how I REALLY dont look 36.

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