I never did it, did you?

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  • fullofdoubtnow

    I always did apart from last year. I saw last year as a break from everything, including meetings, and when I got home, I started missing more meetings, I kind of got the taste for not going while I was on holiday.

  • luna2

    I didn't go away on vacation but once I think all the years I was a dub. That one time was kind of an impromptu trip and not well planned so going to meetings hadn't even occurred to me. I rather doubt that I ever would have tried to scout out a local KH for meetings, though...unless I was with other JWs. Too shy to walk into a strange KH just me and the boys.

  • dido

    I went to Texas with a friend who was born there, but was living in England, and we stayed with jw`s she knew. The sis where we staying was a pioneer, and was out by 7 in the morning, and made me get up one morning to go out with her! We were on territory where there were drive by shootings, and gangs, but they assured me we would be safe, as they left the jw`s alone! I also went to meetings at a few k halls in the area, but quite enjoyed it as met new people and they were very hospitable to us, and kept saying how they loved my quaint accent! I found out later that the sis where we stayed didn`t think i was very spiritual, as i didn`t want to go out on service any other times! When she visited England, she didn`t even go to the meetings!

  • Amazing

    Several times, when on business trips, where I would be away for a week or two, I would attend a Kingdom Hall and go out in Service on the weekends. When we went on family vacation, however, we did not go to Kingdom Halls or out in Service ... we just didn't have time or interest to do so. The problem is that we did not take enough vacations. Sometimes, I would take the family on an outting, and drive far away, and make sure we missed the Sunday meeting and that we were no where near a Kingdom Hall. I felt it was healthy, but I must have been crazy. Just look at me now. I am on an ex-JW web site, disassociated as an apostate, with my family out of the Truth, all attending different churches. I mean, what would we be like now if we had just gone to the meetings, and avoided those family outtings? We would probably all hate each other's guts, and be utterly miserable. Instead, we had to go and do things that caused us to feel and live much happier lives. Darn, we sure missed the boat, didn't we?

    Jim Whitney

  • coffee_black

    Yes, every summer when we went to Vermont for vacation. We even "vacation pioneered" there one summer.


  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    Hehe a holiday is a holiday - to me thats time out of the normal routine, such a meetings and service. I can't believe how much I obviously didnt like it but wasn't prepared to do anything about it for years and years until I was on my knee's. I especially hated it when I used to stay over with my wife's family at xmas time and suddenly someone would whip out a Watchtower and start preparing for it! That would make me feel bad as at that time I rarely looked at the magazine until the meeting (I think that somewhat helped my mind by not being too bombarded by the propagander).

    CS 101

  • Nowman

    Growing up, we always used to go to Crivitz, WI about 3 times a summer and we always went to the Sunday meeting in Wausuakee, WI. Its a little po-dunk town in northern WI. As a kid, because we went there so much, it wasn't that bad because I had made friends there. So, it was kind of a reunion. My dad the elder, would have himself scheduled to be "the out of town speaker" the Sunday we would attend.


  • schne_belly

    I would vacation a lot with my family when I was younger. We rarely went to the KH, unless we had relatives in that area.

    However for some odd reason my husband and I decided to visit the KH while our honeymoon in Hawaii. We even have pictures of the sign.... what a way to spend a morning when we could have been sleeping in or on the beach!!! ack!

  • Mysterious

    Nope I never did. My mother always said it was too hard without dad's support, since he was inactive. When I was younger I wanted to..when I was older I resented having to even do bible readings while on holidays. Ugh. And she always made sure we got that and family study done no matter where we were or what vacation we were on.

  • unique1

    I didn't, but my mom did and I was a minor so I went along. Every year we went to Myrtle Beach and had to attend the Sunday meeting there. The worst was taking a cruise to the Bahamas and my mom made us visit the branch while there!!!

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