I never did it, did you?

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  • Athanasius

    When on holiday in the US my ex-wife and I never attended the KHs at the places we visited. However, we did attend a couple of KHs when we visited Canada. Though the people spoke with a different accent, the JW service was still the same old stuff they peddle in the USA.

  • Santisimo

    One time I took a trip to El Salvador and visited the local KH. I was pretty upset when I realized that these people (in a poor third world country) had to PAY for their mags at the counter even though I got em' for free back in the states. You had to see the look on their face when I told them I didn't pay for mine back home. That's when I realized that this whole thing is about business. After all, aren't J-Dubs called PUBLISHERS before they get baptized?

  • Mulan

    Oh yes, we sure did. We went to Hawaii while I was a regular pioneer and we not only went to meetings, I put in 20 hours in two weeks. It was fun though..............different, and different is good. We were on the North Shore of Oahu and attended a congregation of Samoans, Tongans, and Hawaiians and a few Haoles (white folks). They were lovely and warm and so welcoming.

    When we visited family in California, we always went to meetings, even when we were camping. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  • Thirdson

    We only visited KHs a couple of times on vacation. Once in Italy, didn't understand anything and the Watchtower study was a month behind ours. We met other English speaking JDubs and found a couple of degress of separation.

    We were totally ignored in Penzance, Cornwall as just more tourist JWs.

    On one vacation, Mrs Thirdson and I visited an Anglican Church on Vancouver Island where the congregation in attendance was about 14. The visitors (2) were formally invited to stay for coffee and snacks. Quite nice actually.


  • freedom96

    Hell No!

    My parents did somewhat when we were kids, and as my short time as an adult as a witness, I would never have dreamed going to a meeting during a vacation. I hated those who thought they had to study the Watchtower during the vacation.

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