Who Was The Weirdest Person In Your Congregation?

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  • Arthur

    I guess this is kind of a fun topic. Who was the weirdest person in your congregation or Kingdom Hall? Without naming names, who was the person that was the most creepy, eccentric, or "out in left field"? What kind of quirks did they have? What kind of funny things did they do?

    Please note: I am not encouraging people to make fun of the mentally retarded or handicapped. It's just a thread about weird people.

  • chuckie77

    Cool topic Arthur!

    We had an eccentric old bird in our congo. I remember her once asking me if the small spoiler on my car was for skateboarders to hold onto while I drove them around the streets! I said that of course it was, and told her if she ever needed me to pick her up for a meeting, not to forget her skateboard!

  • monkeyshine

    We had a guy who was the worlds oldest body builder!

    Let me say first that this person was one of the nicest people I've ever met and he was nothing but cool to us kids.

    Yeah, and his wife was a gymnast! Still, at 80 years old!

    They ALWAYS had a picture with them at the hall of him flexing and her bent up like a pretzel.

    They were friends with Arnold Schwarzenegger---- The Terminator. He would write when one of them was sick and his name always popped up in one of the brother's 10 minute comments at the hall. He would tell us that the water cooler at the back of the hall (it had 2 spouts--1 cold--1 room temp.) had one spout whiskey and one spout beer! They were on Johnny Carson and all. Whenever they were on a T.V. show, he would tell everyone in the hall to make sure and watch it. Most of the time it was aired at like 2:00 in the morning.

    They both passed on a while ago now.

    He was a cool dude and no matter what I think of the borg. I will always keep him in my heart as one of the greatest people I've ever come in contact with.

  • JapanBoy

    Man...that's a good question as there have been quite a few. One of the very strangest though was this very large 60'ish lady, kind of a Joan Crawford type, who always made a point of coming in late...........she would then march with great determination right up to the front row of the hall tromping down the aisle...scaring little children.

    Then it was always the same routine. She was always carrying a large brown paper grocery bag....out came a large brush with which she would give herself at least 50 strokes down her long gray hair. Then she pulled out a nice big 50's style powder puff and procced to powder her whole face. Then she would rattle the bag noisily and pull out the crunchiest cookies and munch away loudly during the first part of the meeting.

    It got really bad whe you had a q+a part on the service meeting.......she would be crunching and in the middle of all this be putting her hand up wildly trying to answer every question. I was an ms at the time and I couldn't ignore her so always asked her for at least one or two really screwball comments.....to which I always said just 'thank you sister!' Other bro's would just ignore her....at which point she would freak out and tromp down the aisle ranting and then proceed to go downstairs and yell at people going to the can down there.

    She would often leave her grocery bag in the K-hall just so she could phne up two or three of the elders at 1am or 3am and scream at them that she had no food and she had to get her vittles from the hall. Served the pompous pricks right....having to go down to open up for her at all hours. Glad she never got the telephone numbers of the ms's

  • sspo

    One of the elder I served with. A true pharisee that sucked life out of you

  • lovelylil

    We had a crazy sister who looked like joan crawford and acted really wierd. We was jealous of anyone that was happy and would cry outloud in the hall if a good announcement was made for anyone. Then you could hear her in the back hall saying loudly "why doesn't Jehovah bless me?". Everyone could hear her. Also she would stop at every yard sale during service and haggle over a nickle! I am not kidding you. A little boy was selling his old cowboy hat for 10 cents and she tried to give him a nickle. She tried to haggle with him but he was only about 3 and did not know what she was saying. Another sister yelled at her that she should be ashamed of herself.

    She would stare at people during the meeting and give you the creeps. Also out in service she would talk about her sex life with her husband. Right up to the door you could hear her going on and on about how much her hubby was oral sex, yadda, yadda, you would have to tell her that it was not appropriate and she would continue anyway. Lilly

  • minimus

    An old pioneer named Tom used to spout outloud that "the Jews" changed a certain city because of their influence. He used to tell householders that "Jesus would turn them into pigs" if they didn't listen to him. He accused a well respected elder of producing a "nigger baby" with a black sister. He would answer at the WT. and bookstudy that "Satan the Devil was a bastard"......That's just to name a few.


    The weirdest one was in Red Bluff, CA. She was an old lady that had the cumplusive hoarding disease. One day she had a stroke, and had to be admitted into a nursing home. My mom and some of the the other elderettes went to her home to gather some personal belongings, and clothes for her, and the stories my mom came back with made my skin crawl. It was so bad, that they left the home, and asked the Elders to assign men to take care of it. I won't recount the story. It's just best that some things remain in the imagination.

  • jason bourne
    jason bourne

    Remember some of the watchtower conductors?.....i remember one who would waffle waffle and waffle!!!!!!!!!


  • daniel-p

    Hooo boy. It's hard to narrow it down.... There was this one guy who had every Star Trek book ever made and he had all these theories of how the Bible intertwined with the Star Trek universe. Then there was this other guy who recorded cassette tapes of himself explaining how the Ark was buried beneath a local mountain and then would attempt to distribute these tapes to people at the congregation. We also had a person who would come to the first few talks at the Thursday night meeting and then steal the doormat on his way out.

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