Is the Watchtower Society the only one to blame?

by The wanderer 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • fullofdoubtnow

    For those born in, yes the wts is totally to blame, kids of 5 or 6 years of age can't defy their parents on many issues, and they certainly can't live independently of them.

    For people like myself, who joined as adults, it is partly our fault, they dangled the bait, and we swallowed it.

  • Genesis

    No I blame my parents also to have been trapped in a cult and raised their kids without giving them choice or freedom of thoughts.

    I blame also God if he exist to not be able to take care of his creation, you owe me an explanation you sh*t face.

  • jaguarbass

    I was raised in the troof. I was born in 52. I escaped at 31years of age in 83. There was no innnernet. It was hard to find information. In my case 1975 was the great emancipator. I couldnt see how God could make such a mistake. When I became an adult at 21 or 18, I had a lot of baggage from my mother and the organization to evaluate, and test. If I am guilty of anything, I think it was obeying my parents, particularly my mother who made me go to meetings all my life. My father did not participate very much in raising me. I didnt have the wherewithall, knowledge, understanding or intestinal fortitude to leave before I was 31.


    Yes! I blame the WBTS and my Idiot parents..Some of us had no choice..We were children..Dub Kids..It was forced on us...OUTLAW

  • itsallgoodnow

    Even being born in it, I should have trusted my instincts and left as soon as possible, but I made the mistake of being a rebellious pre-teen and teen and they put too much pressure on me too early. I should have flown under the radar until 18. But I wanted the oppression to stop, so I started trying to please them. In the process, I somehow managed to convince myself it was all true. I know my role in this, but others have had a role as well. I can see my mistakes and try not to repeat them, but that's about the only action I can really take.

    I recognize my role in this problem, and I recognize the role others, individuals or organizations, have had in this problem. I think that's reasonable.

  • moshe

    My father did not participate very much in raising me.

    I saw that a lot- fathers would just give up and turn over the raising of the kids to the JW mother to buy some peace at home. Holidays, birthdays, Saturday morning fun- all given up to please the JW wife and her Elder overseers at the KH-

    Glad you made it out jaguarbass- you have most of your life ahead of you- enjoy the freedom.

  • gymbob

    I 'm just so proud of my kids for leaving when I did a few years ago. They were both baptized young, but are now 21 and 26. I was born in it, and believed the whole thing for 45 years.

    Today I was thinking about how my dub parents want me to come back to the "Truth" and I thought, "why would I join a religion that would (now) make me shun my own kids?!" As a witness back in the congregation I would HAVE to report to the elders my daughter joining a church 2 years ago, my son no longer being a virgin, etc., and then they would be DF'd. (?)

    So I thought that a good question to ask my parents someday would be, "If you knew back in the 50's when you first started studying with the witnesses that someday you would have to shun your little boy....would you still keep studying?"

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