Diagnosis - Skin Cancer......

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  • BrendaCloutier

    ((((( Jeff )))))) I know how scary this can be. Heck, I'd be in "worried class" right along with you! Hang in there you have a lot of friends pulling for you. As a matter of fact, you'll be in my prayers tonight which I do after normal vigil time.

    Chin up, possitive attitude, you will get thru this, all those cliche platitudes that we really do wish for you. If you end up with on-going treatment, we'll be adding you to the Tuesday Vigil.

    Hugs love healing peace


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Thanx all for the supporting words and realistic advice. I know that most likely the cancer has already been removed. I know that early detection is in my favor - though I don't know how early it was - the lesion had been there for some time, just appeared to be a blemish of little concern and of neutral color and texture. My previous doc examined it several times without concern. This doc seemed confident it was of no serious concern. So the path report set me back on my heels.

    I am planning to get educated in a hurry as soon as I know the details about the type of malignancy it was/is. I will take charge of my own health in the matter. And all the suggestions are appreciated as they aid me in moving the right way right away. Thanx again. I will update when there is more news. Thanx to those behind the scenes who Pm'd me too.


    Edited to add; it was a hell of a birthday present when Wifey came in and told me the doc had called and said it was malignant. Just a little cake and ice cream would have sufficed, IMO.

  • BrendaCloutier

    Edited to add; it was a hell of a birthday present when Wifey came in and told me the doc had called and said it was malignant. Just a little cake and ice cream would have sufficed, IMO.

  • okie46

    Jeff... Happy Birthday, and hope you have no more bumps in the road, glad you got it taken care of quickly.

    Aude.... congratulations on over 8 yrs cancer free!

  • outoftheorg

    Hi AK Jeff.

    Do you have fair skin? I do since I am Norwegian from my fathers family. I have had several skin cancers removed over the years. The thing to do is get a check up at least once a year, twice a year is even better.

    This way they can freeze the spot when it is pre cancerous and even if it is cancer but caught early, it is no big deal.

    As one gets older the sun's rays from years ago are now showing their results in skin cancer.

    Use a brimned hat and long sleeves and some sun screen to protect your self.

    Even though I hate wearing the hat and the long sleeves and the screen I do it anyway.

    It is no big deal if you catch it early. If you do not, it can be one hell of a big deal !

    That is when they start cutting you. If you put it off because you don't want to be cut, then the big deal becomes a full blown terminal cancer.

    See your dermatologist at least every six months. OK?


  • HAL9000


    I do hope that all goes well for you - it is so important to follow skin cancer up.

    Has the Dr suggested any follow-up? It is becoming more common here to use PET / FDG as a diagnostic tool when melanona is detected. Expensive, but can give greater peace of mind or reduce the risk of undetected problem.


  • Sparkplug
    Jeff [of the slightly worried class at the moment]

    It is going to be ok. Breath in and out Whoooss-aaaaaaaa. Let us know the results. please? And try to breath a lot. Relaxation and meditation will help.

  • Dansk

    Hi Jeff,

    I was deeply sorry to learn of the diagnosis, but only because cancer is a scourge and, having suffered it myself, I know only too well the fears that can be generated.

    I know it's an old cliche, but DO try not to worry because it just becomes exhausting and adds to one's anxiety. When the body is anxious it becomes weak and this isn't what you need. You need strength, so concentrate on positive things. Surround yourself with positivity, e.g. good company, going for walks in the fresh air and countryside where you can appreciate the flowers, trees and birds and wildlife in general. Even the garden can help you achieve positivity.

    Join the vigil thread: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/119000/2.ashx and put your name down.

    Remember, science is moving on at a rapid pace with new treatments and cures being found all the time. I should be dead now but I'm not. You're a fighter, too. You'll be fine and will now have a greater appreciation of life.

    Lots of positive thoughts coming your way.


  • Sheri


    First - Loved the Letter!!!!

    Second - Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Third & most important - Think Positive and keep the energy flowing. I know what you are feeling, almost same situation with me, doctor saying it was just fleshy growth, no problems, then it turned black and was malignant. However, it was the most common kind of skin cancer and removed, now I have yearly check ups.

    You will be in my prayer tonight.

    Peace & Love,


  • MidwichCuckoo

    Happy Belated Birthday - lol, loved the edit!

    Hope everything goes well for you. Best Wishes, Midwich x

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