Send New Tract to Gay Groups

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  • ozziepost
    You know what I really love? That we are reading, downloading, and disecting the new tract while it is still being hidden from the rank and file in the lit room at the local kh.

    Don't forget folks, you heard it here first!

    Yep, love it, Jeff! Mrs Ozzie is always asking me what's new in dubdom i.e. what's the latest from JWD on WTS.

  • wannaexit

    I have a better idea. What about sending the tract to all the local churches in your area with a letter attached explaining what religious supremesist (spel?) jw really are.

    I think this campaign is really going to back fire on them. For so many years JW have been encouraged to be tactful at the doors. They even hide what they are by saying that they are doing a "christian community work".

    Now all of sudden again they start preaching fire and brimstone. In a world where tolerance is a household word, here come Jws and their extremist views.

    I don't know what they are thinking up there in Brooklyn. Someone has gone mad

  • wannaexit

    By the way Met,

    I will certainly send this tract to all the local gay chapters in my area.

  • aquagirl

    men kept for unnatural purposes..thats intriguing..might just tie into the clowning thread from a few days ago...

  • rebel8


    Some good ideas have been mentioned in this thread.....this may be a good opportunity to show the public what the wts is really all about.

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