My mom calls to chew me out about my college... YIKES!!!

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  • FreedomFrog

    Or in my case, my mom says that she doesn't want to "hear me talking bad about Jah or his Org." Yet she can sit and bad mouth how I'm raising my kids up wrong and that it is MY responsiblity to teach them about Jah.

  • LovesDubs

    Freedom there is no double standard...its a single edged standard...they can say whateverthehell they want to wheneverthehell they want to WHOMEVERthehell they want to and you and I have to shut up and take it.

    To be a JW is to have a license to be as rude and offensive, tactless and uncaring as you wanna be.

    I cant tell you how many times as a JW and afterwards, JWs came up and said things to me that worldly people wouldnt DREAM of saying.

    Sometimes I just prefer being shunned...then I dont have to hear this slop.

  • Finally-Free
    She tells me, “Gina, if you would just come back to Jah, then ALL of your needs will be met. Sure, you won’t have a nice house of home, but you’ll always have food on the table and a cover over your head”.

    Going to prison would accomplish the same thing. No thanks.


  • Balsam

    Verbal abuse at its best from your Mother. Sorry you have to deal with this. You may have to just stop her and tell her enough either talk about something else or just don't call you.


  • Nina
    She said that they wanted more and more and that I was doing the same thing in trying to get a career getting more money…

    1. Read her 1Tim. 4:8.

    2. Tell her about Judah Ben Schroeder.

    ...not that I think it will do much good...


  • skeeter1

    Tell her that Jehovah gave you a gift, and that you are using that gift to its fullest - your brain & personal interests - in order to help society at large. To waste Jehovah's gifts is blasphemy.


  • Dismembered

    Tell her that Somewhere Over The Rainbow, was just a song and that Mickey Mouse is not real.


  • Quandry

    If you do not make enough money to support yourself and your children, will your mom agree that you should all move back with her? You might ask her how she feels about that.

    You know, back a few years when my child was small, and of course I did not work because I must go out in service, and my husband was washing windows because he didn't want to get a job working nights or weekends because he didn't want to miss meetings, we had a hard time getting along. I had to hang clothes on the fence for awhile since, when the dryer quit, I didn't have money to fix it for awhile. There were no vacations, health insurance, or new clothes, only second hand.

    A few years later, I talked to my husband about going back to school, but by then he was an elder. No, that would be setting a bad example, he said.

    More years of no vacations, second hand clothes, etc.

    I finally decided to take a class at the local community college, but by this time I had to get a full time job, because the bills just added up and there was no other option.

    But-I kept hearing about some in the congregation that were allowing their children to go to college. I decided to go back to school, only now I still have to work and it's a slow process. But I have a goal. I will get my degree.

    I am proud to hear of your good grades. You go!!! Keep your goal in mind. You are accomplishing a fine work, and encouraging your children to get a good education. What if there were no doctors or nurses or other professional people because they were all witnesses? They certainly have Drs. and nurses and lawyers (aplenty) on staff at the WT headquarters.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I'm not for breaking up families, so my opinion is to just kind of put up with it. If you cut your parents off it dosn't say much for people who leave the JWs and will make them even more committed to the WTS. I would suggest putting up with it, it keeps the peace and leaves it up to them to make a bad decision regarding family ties.

  • FreedomFrog

    For the most part, I have and can put up with her jabbing.. but Sunday, she caught me off gaurd. In the meantime, my goal is to try to plunge along. I love my parents, but man, she can be so cruel sometimes.

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