What differs the Society from other religions?

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  • KW13

    Have the Society made mistakes?

    Yes, without a doubt. There are failed predictions and with 100% evidence for anyone to look, to see this. There is always the new light excuse, but if Christ is leading from the front and is using the Governing Body to feed his sheep then why the mistakes? What happened to food at the proper time...that wouldn't allow for mistakes!

    Does the Society fit the description of a false prophet?

    Well. A false prophet makes a prediction/prophecy that fails to happen. Has this happened for the Society? YES

    Have people been hurt, because of the Society?

    Yep. This site alone is full of stories. All of them can't be lying, otherwise there is an epidemic. Clearly the problem lies in Brooklyn.

    How are they different from other religions?

    THEY AREN'T - most organized (if not all) religion has its faults that would make it 'not' God's organization.

  • Finally-Free

    They're more authoritarian than most mainstream religions. Most other religions won't shun you if you stop going to church, and they won't make you jump through hoops if you choose to go back.


  • Morocco

    uhhhm.... do other religions actually claim to be appointed by Jesus himself to "rule over all his belongings"? thats a tough pill to swallow i think, even in other religions. I would like to know what the application process was like, did Jesus conduct a good interview with the applicants of the FDS? Seems to me like the GB musta heard a voice from heaven or saw an angel or something... cause you know... otherwise being the "rulers" appointed by Christ would be SELF-ASSUMED. Haughty bastards

  • fullofdoubtnow

    They regard themselves as differrent, and they are, but not in a positive way.

    They don't allow their members to think for themselves, or at least to express their thoughts.

    They ostracise members who decide to leave

    They disempower women

    They criticise other religions for baptising children, but baptise children themselves.

    They use the scriptures to cover up serious crimes like child abuse.

    Yeah, the wts are differrent alright, they are more hypocritical than any other religion that I can think of.


    The WBTS is not a religion.They are an organization that runs a religion..To the people in the religion,the WBTS is the word of God,and God say`s whatever the WBTS tells him to say..Hows that for Power?...LOL!!

  • Sunspot

    If an unsuspecting and biblically gullible/naive person agrees to accept a "free, home bible study" from one of Jehovah's Witnesses......it soon (we hope) becomes apparent that they are being subjected to a Watchtower indoctrination program of about six months or more.

    JWs like to proudly boast of how instead of serving their fellow man by using Christian charity as Jesus instructed---they offer this "bible education" which slowly sets them up to become Jehovah's Witnesses. These "studies" go to five meetings a week to learn how to properly "place" the WTS literature and how to successfully "overcome objections" that the Brooklyn Boyz-in-Writing have determined to be effective.

    We see the love-bombing and the rush of new friendships form....which are totally contingent upon adhering to all the new things being learned. It can (and does) vanish in a heartbeat when one decides "it's not for me" after all. Once one is baptized---all your JW friends and relatives treat you like you have a dreaded and incurable disease and THEY vanish. You all know the drill, and the "love" they show trying to win your heart back. Right.

    As one moves up in the ranks, certain priveleges like handling microphones and keeping count of how many are in attendance at these training sessions, are bestowed upon proud recipients. This is known as "making progress".

    All is well in Watchtowerland, as long as one is in compliance with all the new things they are learning from the bible----like how many guests one can invite to a gathering; who one can now associate with and who they cannot; how long their hair can be; how long a skirt can be; when to "move along" and when to "be quiet" at a convention......and where not to be when it is time for the lunch break when spending 3-4 days within the confines of any arena that houses one of these conventions. ALL these "bible truths" are vital to your salvation. Jesus WHO????

    This is only the tip of the iceburg----but you get my point. More than that----you soon get the tyrannical and controlling Watchtower's point----but you have already been conditioned to think that this IS "God's chosen religion" (because THEY said so!) and that you MUST be obedient and loyal to whatever they might decide to spew as "God's requirements".

    The wisest course is to NEVER accept a "free, home "bible" study" when a nice smiling JW comes to YOUR door! It was the worst mistake I ever made.


  • IP_SEC

    You are right there is really no difference betwixt the WTS and the rest of religion in general. Religion has always been a tool of control. The WTS just takes that control to an extreme when compaired to most other religions.

  • praiseband

    I am a Biblical Christian who happens to attend a Lutheran church. I would feel at home in other denominations as well. A HUGE difference is that we are not only allowed, but encouraged to have open dialogues, debates if you will, regarding topics from theology to social issues. Sometimes a concensus is reached, other times we agree to disagree. The annual meetings of representatives from congregations are not lecture, lecture, lecture. They are a sharing of viewpoints and after debate, deliberation and voting sometimes official denominational statements are formed. But it is not brought about by higher-ups telling us what we must believe and that we cannot question. I'd say that's a pretty vast difference between us and the JW's and any other cultic religion.

  • Flash

    I believe the Witnesses have become like ancient Israel was. They have the primary truths about God and His promises...BUT like the Scribes and Pharisees, the GB distorted and perverted the true Christian worship of God and reduced it to a religion of OT rules and those teachings the apostle Paul that are erroneous.

    I do believe the scriptures in Matthew and Luke concerning the Faithful Slave turning Evil have come true. I'm looking forward to when the Master arrives.

    As for what I believe the Witnesses have correct and what sets them apart from the rest are theses teachings...which I still hold to.

  • God has a name (Jehovah) and is not a trinity.
  • Jesus is God's first creation.
  • The Angelic rebellion is the source of all our troubles.
  • The Great Tribulation and Armageddon are literal and coming.
  • God will use the worlds governments to destroy world religion.
  • The Thousand Year reign of Christ is real.
  • The Resurrection is the only hope for the dead to live again.
  • The Little Flock will become a literal Heavenly Government.
  • Satan and his Demons have a finite time to exist and will be terminated.
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    Mistah MOJO

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