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  • CTR

    Wow, I had no idea such a site existed. My wife and I are former JW's, we left the "truth" 10 years ago. My parents are still steadfast, my Father has not spoken to us we announced we were done. I sympathize with all of you who have been shunned by family members - just remember what it was like when you were "active" and going with the program - or should I say programming.

    My wife and I decided to get out shortly after we got married and had our first child. We both made the decision individually but her family still blames it on me. I was disfellowshipped at age eighteen. They kept me out for a year even though I attended meetings the entire time and told the elders what they wanted to hear. For me it was a pride thing, plus I didn't want my family to be shamed forever. I really tried to "make the truth my own" but if it doesn't touch your heart after 20+ years it is not the truth. I forgive my family for their continued disregard for me, my wife and six children - they are the ones missing out. Their punishment will be swift and just. I grew up with all the hypocrite friends, they were all just as "bad" as me, they just never got caught. The elders who DF'd me had a personal vendetta against me and my parents. My parents were just too brainwashed to see it. They eventually switched congregations but never admitted they disagreed with the elders. My mother kept in touch with me the entire time even though she was not supposed to. To this day the elders warn her about associating with me, my father used to enforce restrictions but he is no longer an elder (not sure if he stepped "aside" or was removed) and has loosened the restrictions over the years.

    So that is my story and I am sticking to it Can someone please tell me what hoho means? I thought I had heard it all, apparently not. My wife and I joined the Mormon Church 9 years ago, yeah, that went over really well a year after our departure from the "truth". For those of you who think Mormons are just like JW's I can relate, however we really are nothing alike. Enough about that - I am not trying to promote the LDS church...promise.

    I am really glad to know that this site exists. Thanks to those who work so hard to maintain this site - true brotherly love.


  • noni1974

    Welcome to JWD.Your a Mormon now huh?Interesting.How is it diffrant?I've never spoken to a Mormon before so I have some questions but I can PM you them.

  • SirNose586

    Welcome aboard man! Your comments remind me of what might happen to my fam...

    I try not to worry myself too much about it. Anyhow, you'll much love and support here.

  • Arthur
    My wife and I joined the Mormon Church 9 years ago,

    So tell me, do you and your wife have matching bikes?

    Just joking

    Welcome ! I look forward to reading your future posts.


  • JWdaughter

    Welcome to the board. I too am a former JW *unbaptised, who thereafter joined the LDS church. While I have since left, I have to tell you, I would rejoin in a minute if I didn't feel like a hypocrite for not having a testimony. What a nice bunch of folks. And all the things the JWs tell you about the world are constantly disproved in a LDS ward, don't you think? Just lots of nice people, imperfect, but most trying to do the right thing for their families and neigbors. Only I think the entire church is much warmer and fuzzier than the WTBTS, don't you? Much kinder in actual practice-welfare and education and all that. (BYU has an awesome collection of old WT literature, BTW!) And while I don't believe all the teachings, and they know that, I was never shunned or hurt by any of them when I left. Although at a funeral for a friend, my old bishop Davis looked over at me kind of sad a few times. I felt bad about that.

    I am not a ex-mormon like some here are EX JWs (I am one of those). I have no inclinations to tell the world why I disagree. I actually kind of wish I did agree, but I just don't. I miss hearing "I am a child of God" though! Sweet little kids.

    Shelly (who has been there and done that!)

  • vitty

    Hi and welcome

    What are the differences between JWs and Mormon apart from the beliefs ???????????

    Isnt it just like leaving the catholics to become protestant ?

    Jw daughter.............and why are they so yummy? and why do you feel guilty about not having a testimonial and could you explain what that is

  • jgnat

    Welcome, CTR. Wow, six children! I bet they warm your heart and keep you very, very busy. Yeah, your parents are paying. And paying, and paying, and paying for refusing to involve themselves in your new life. I don't know how I would bear it if I were separated from my granddaughter. She is the light of my eye.

    So that is my story and I am sticking to it Can someone please tell me what hoho means?

    A fad has broken out on the board to modify the name of "Jehovah". I've seen Jehoober, Johoba, hohoba, and now hoho. It might refer to the almighty or the followers. Some words are triggers that snap an ex-JW right back in to his old life, old cages of thought. Jehovah is one of those words. Playing with the word reduces it's power.

    Another word that catches newbies off guard is Jay-dub, or dub. Again, this is a play on the sound of JW.

  • crazyblondeb

    Welcome to the board! I'm glad you found it. Look forward to hearing more from you!


  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi CTR, and welcome to the forum

  • Legolas

    Welcome to the board!

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