Do You Think ExJWs Go To The Other Extreme When They Leave The Organization

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  • minimus

    I know that I am enjoying some of the things I would've gotten involved with had I not been raised in the "Truth".

  • candidlynuts

    at first, after i left, my misconceptions about "worldly" people made me think i had to act one way around them.. i didnt do anything extreme but i expected everyone i was around to be adulterers, drug users, cursers...... funny, i found most worldly people to be of a higher moral fiber than the jw's i'd grown up around.

    i do however understand those who do go to extremes after leaving..for awhile after i left i considered myself a dead person walking, everyone i knew and loved considered me dead... what did it matter what i did?

    (thankfully that attitude and mind set didnt last long!) I AM ALIVE!!

  • Swan
    I know that I am enjoying some of the things I would've gotten involved with had I not been raised in the "Truth".

    Yes. I watch movies without even paying any attention to the rating. I subscribe to HBO and Starz. I bought a computer chess game and have improved my game. I use a pocket calculator on occasion. I read anything that appeals to me; mysteries, fantasy, sci-fi, even historical romance novels. I still don't watch soap operas though or the super-bowl. I use the Internet. I gamble at times when I am in Reno or Vegas. I have become very enamored of sleeping in on Sunday mornings.


  • minimus

    You ladies have obviously not gone to the "other side".


    Swan,you use a pocket calculater??..Does the WBTS have a ruleing about Pocket Calculators??..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I don't know that I've gone to the other extreme, but there are a few things....

    I live with my boyfriend

    I smoke

    I access the internet

    I view and post on apostate web sites

    I criticise the wts

    I am guilty of independent thinking

  • blondie

    No point in going to the other extreme unless that is your long-term goal. I have seen people in other situations that once the control over them is gone may act like a spring that has been held too tightly. The thing to remember that these things are choices and you can choose not to do them.


  • Finally-Free

    I've discovered that smoking, drinking excessively, and viewing porn are not as much fun as they used to be. The "danger" of getting caught is gone now, so I've lost interest.


  • slimboyfat

    I think they tend to go a bit extreme in terms of being anti-Witness.

    Many seem to think that just because the Witnesses don't have the truth after all, that somehow makes the organization evil. To me it just makes them one of many other religions that don't quite live up to the adverts. They are no more evil than the Catholic church, for instance, or Pentecostals. And they have a lot of good points too: kind people; no wars, generally honest and well-meaning, healthy lifestyle and so on.

    Just because the Watchtower organization is wrong in its claims does not make it evil.


  • minimus

    Swan, I was wondering about the calculators too.

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